My ‘holiday’ in Cambodia was one hell of a crazy month. For some reason, it was just full of freak moments, knife fights and dodgy accidents. This was also the time where I was going through a very difficult time getting an abortion.

Putting aside all this woe, I highly recommend you travel to Cambodia. It’s a truly fascinating country going through an incredibly interesting time – the Cambodians are learning who they really are and what they want after a horrific, terrible time with the Khmer Rouge genocide.

In order to begin to understand Cambodia, make sure you do visit the S21 prison and the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh. It’s harrowing stuff, but vital to beginning to understand what this country has been through.

Cambodian Phrases

How to Say Hello in Cambodian (Plus 10 Essential Cambodian Phrases)

Wondering what language is spoken in Cambodia? The Cambodia official language is Khmer and with some effort, you’ll be leaving this page with 10 essential Cambodian phrases in your pocket!
Backpacking Gear List

Face to face with Death in Cambodia

“There’s a monster in your tummy”. “Huh?!” I exclaimed. “Yes, there’s definitely something in there. It happens a lot here” said the doctor. I was lying in his refined, tiny office: a world away from the dusty chaos going on outside in Phnom Penh.
Eat Ants in Cambodia

Eating Beef and Ants in Cambodia Whilst Dodging Knife Fights

What turned into a quest to eat some beef and ants in Cambodia turned into a quest to not get cut into tiny pieces myself. Find out what actually happened when I went for a ‘quiet’ meal in Phnom Penh. Cambodia.
Cambodia Abandoned Pepsi Factory Doorway

Exploring Pepsi’s Last Whispers In Cambodia

Back in May 2013, I was lucky enough to catch the last glimpses of the desolate, fizzy pop mecca of Pepsi in Battambang. When I arrived, a few men were carting off antique machinery and left me to it. This super cool factory unfortunately got into the claws of the Khmer Rouge in 1975 and was promptly shut down. It stood there firm in the ground until September 2013, until it was regrettably torn down with its fate sealed to be transformed into a water plant. Read on to step inside a piece of history which has unfortunately crumbled and been swiftly thrown into Cambodian dust.
Ants on your food

Avoid The Baby Milk Scam In Siem Reap Cambodia

Sometimes, Teacake gets scammed. It’s only happened twice in 5 years luckily but it can happen nonetheless, no matter how much you think you have travelling sussed out. One scam I fell for is in Siem Reap in Cambodia. This was back in 2013 but a quick google search proves that it’s going just as strong now! Goddamit! Avoid the Baby Milk Scam in Siem Reap Cambodia!