Sleeping With Art At Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel

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You’re heading to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and want somewhere to stay but not just any old place right? Looking for a hostel which is super clean, calm, trendy and full of creature comforts? Whether you’re travelling solo or with your partner and friends, Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel might just be the one for you!

I’ve stayed in a few hostels here as Kuala Lumpur is an awesome place to fly in and out of for the best flight deals. Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel however has been my best experience yet. Why? Read on to find out!

kuala lumpur malaysia

Oh Hello Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel!

Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel

Nestled off the busy main road, sneakily tucked into the local back streets of Kuala Lumpur, Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel is a little, trendy, cool-as-hell Kuala Lumpur Hostel. Chilling out in a sweet little neighbourhood, it’s hitting the ground running having only been open for six months yet ticking every traveller’s box. Arty? Yes! Cosy? Yes! Friendly, close to the sights and good value for money? Yes, Yes, Yes!

I got whiff of Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel on Hostelworld and had to go check it out for myself, especially for all the awesome art they have put into this restored building. Here’s the deets!

What Has Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel Got?

There’s a good chance that if you want it, they’ve got it. First off, they’ve got a super green glasshouse lobby and rooftop garden to chill out, drink a coffee, plan where you’re off to for the day and get first hand local knowledge from the reception staff. Yes, the staff are really nice, knowledgeable and helpful. They showed me to my room, how to work everything, where to eat and helped me print out some documents for the next leg of my trip without any qualms.

Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel

Here’s the rooftop garden. The art is on the outside of the building just as much as in the inside and from here, you can have a nosey at the rest of the neighbourhood which has no tourists, just cool locals going about their own business. I like that!

Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel
The Rooftop Garden is rocking it

Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel Rooms

Yes, it’s a hostel but for me, it felt like a really friendly house with top-notch facilities. If you’re looking for a step up from a hostel with more luxury and calmness in a local neighbourhood, Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel is it.

Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel

There are Female Dorms, Mixed Dorms and Queen Bed Rooms for solo travellers who need a break or couples who want some privacy. I opted for the Queen Bed Room and loved it. The bed and linen felt divine and the free WiFi worked perfectly along with the air conditioning. Oh, and I had a good supply of tea and coffee in there too (super important)!

Staff will show you to your room but even if you have serious memory loss about where your room is situated, you’re gonna be hard pushed to lose it. The walls of this hostel are beautifully decorated with the room numbers. Easy!

Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel

That’s just the start though. We’ve got groovy old refined dudes riding bicycles and citing words of wisdom along with cute dogs on the walls.

Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel

Peeing Suddenly Got Arty Too

Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel

Even the bathrooms are super cool. Yes, they’re shared but they’re in tip-top condition with stencil dogs to keep you company whilst you’re on the throne. The showers are right next to them with hot water around the clock, some gorgeously smelling toiletries to rub all over yourself and you’ve got a fluffy towel and comfy slippers to put on once you’re done. Everything is spotless and maintained by the super cute cleaning staff. As far as cleaning yourself goes, all is good at Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel.

Where Is Paper Plane Hostel?

It’s walking distance to Bukit Bintang and 15 minutes to Petaling Street and Pudu Lama. It’s super easy to get here with the monorail being a five minute walk away.

The Other Need To Knows

Check in is 14:00 and checkout is 11:00. You have to be at least 18 years old to stay and they’ll ask you to pay by cash. You’ll also need to give them a refundable security deposit of MYR100 = $25 / £17 when you arrive. Refrain from being The Sex Pistols and you’ll get it back.

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Paper Plane Kuala Lumpur Hostel
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