How Shipping Your Luggage Makes Traveling Easier

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Picture this: It’s finally time to leave for your dream vacation. You drag your 50 lb suitcase and carry-on down the stairs and hoist them into the trunk of your car. You’re already sweating but that’s OK because you’re about to go on vacation! Then, you arrive at the airport. You hoist your 50 lb suitcase out of the trunk again along with your carry-on and begin the half-mile journey to bag-check. Sweating even more and beginning to feel soreness in your arms, you finally make it to bag-check…only to wait in line for another hour.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Because we certainly are. When you opt to check your baggage at the airport, you’re subjecting yourself to dozens upon dozens of additional travel hassles.

It’s time to stop doing all the heavy lifting. It’s time to change the way you travel. It’s time to use… ShipGo!

How to ship your luggage while traveling
Shipping your luggage is easy while you travel

How Shipping Your Luggage Makes Traveling Easier

ShipGo is a worldwide, door-to-door delivery service for your luggage and sporting equipment like golf clubs, skis, and snowboards. Whether you’re traveling for business, with the family, or just for fun, ShipGo makes getting to and from your destination easier than ever.

You can ship directly from your home, business, resort or hotel. They’ll come to you to collect your luggage! All you have to do is pack. They take care of the rest.

So now, picture this: It’s finally time to leave for your dream vacation. You get in your car and drive to the airport. You enjoy a nice stroll to your terminal with no sweat stains and no heavy lifting because you shipped your luggage ahead!

While you’re breezing through TSA, paying no mind to the overhead bins, and marching right past baggage claim, you can also enjoy access to ShipGo’s real-time tracking information which will show the most up-to-date location of your baggage. So that you can travel with even more peace of mind, all shipments come with an on-time delivery guarantee and complimentary insurance.

You can easily travel with your sports equipment such as your ski gear, golf clubs or snowboard with ShipGo.
You can easily travel with your sports equipment such as your ski gear, golf clubs or snowboard with ShipGo.

Save on airline and car rental fees

ShipGo also boasts an easy-to-navigate website and iOS app where you can learn more about the service, place an order, track bags, and so much more.

Shipping luggage ahead not only means you don’t have to pay airline baggage fees, but with domestic rates starting as low as $34.99, you may actually save money while doing less work.

Save even more dollars by renting a smaller rental car! Because your luggage is already at your destination and can be collected from there when it’s time to return home, there’s no need to pay more money for a larger rental car to accommodate your suitcases. So, what are you waiting for?

Just fun and road ahead. Rear view of young happy people enjoying road trip in their convertible and raising their arms up
You can save on car rental fees by travelling in a smaller vehicle. No need to carry your big luggage with you!

Ship your luggage to make your trip easier

Learn more about shipping luggage ahead or get a free quote and start enjoying the journey to your destination with ShipGo!

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