My Unique Shoreditch London Street Art Treasure Hunting Adventure

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Pop-up fancy treasures consisting of striking asymmetrical patterns, bold solid colours, splashes of fantastical paint, weird and wonderful imagery and establishments serving the tastiest nibbles and most creative cocktails. Welcome to the mish-mash of Shoreditch London with the best street art, Bangladeshi curry,  hidden bars, funky vintage markets and creative street art!

I spent an afternoon exploring this delightful pocket of London with a Showaround local to find all the hidden nooks and crannies. Read on to find out what I discovered together with her!

My Shoreditch London Street Art Adventure

Alice Teacake in front of Shoreditch London Street Art
Why not head to Brick Lane to enjoy the best London Street Art?
Shoreditch London

Shoreditch London Boxpark

Occupying a collection of shipping containers lovingly turned into a pop-up mall for the treat-seeker within you, this row of independent and global stores has items for everyone. Clothing, trinkets, home wares and arts and crafts are here for your viewing and buying pleasure. Plus, there’s some kickass street art that regularly revolves around every month. And on top of that, you can even find some of London’s most impressive serviced apartments in the surrounding areas, so you never have to be too far away from the action.

Shoreditch London

Open 11am to 11pm with some bars to indulge in at night time! 2-10 Bethnal Green Road.

Shoreditch London

Old Spitalfields Market

An old classic but very much still going strong. This market runs seven days a week with local designers and artists selling their fashions, accessories, vintage treasures, antiques, unusual furniture and delightful oddments in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. You can pick up some lovely bargains here: I got a dress for my friend’s wedding coming up in Belgium for £5!

Horner Square / Open from 10am.

Shoreditch London
Shoreditch London

Absolute Vintage Store

Absolute Vintage Store in Shoreditch London is an old-school lover’s Aladdin’s cave. Full of the prettiest shoes, fluffiest coats, dapper hats and retro bags, it is a goldmine for all you vintage hounds and the prices aren’t too bad either!

15 Hanbury Street / Open 11am – 7pm.

Shoreditch London

Princelet Street

Princelet Street in Shoreditch London has architecture like nothing else on the other streets. It’s full to the brim with character, history, charm and the feeling that you’ve just set foot on the set of Oliver Twist. Truth is, some of the buildings date back to Georgian times. Just look at this red building below! Very distinctive and curious!

Shoreditch London

Eleven Spitalfields Gallery is on this street, which, I was told by my Showaround local, is a treat to pop in and see. Alas, viewings appear to be by appointment only and we didn’t manage to get in this time. You can find out more at [email protected].

Shoreditch London

Carry on to the end of this street and if you get close enough, you can also take a look at David Beckham’s ahem…golden balls.

Dark Sugars Cocoa House

Chocolate is chocolate and most of us are all over the stuff right? Well…Dark Sugars Cocoa House takes chocolate to a whole new orgasmic level. I can safely say I’ve never tasted chocolate like theirs: pure tastebud magic!

Shoreditch London

From mouth-watering Irish Kiss Pipettes and Jamaican Rum cups to actual oranges covered in lovingly handmade chocolate, this place is the bomb!

124-126 Brick Lane / Open 10am – 10pm.

Hanbury Street

After getting your choco fix, make sure to keep going down Hanbury Street to gawp at all the amazing ever-changing street art down here.

Shoreditch London
shoreditch london
Shoreditch London

Libreria: Hanbury Street

As you’re making your way down Hanbury Street in Shoreditch London, pop into Libreria – a wonderfully mindbending bookshop not only for its content but architecture. The mirrors on the ceiling will warp everything around you for all the right reasons.

65 Hanbury Street / Monday: closed. Tuesday to Thursday: 11 – 7. Friday to Saturday: 11 – 11. Sunday: 11 – 6.

Shoreditch London

Further Down Hanbury Street Shoreditch London

Keep making your way down to take a peek at more wonderful street art creations.

Shoreditch London
Shoreditch London

Rough Trade Records

Time for a bit of music at the world-renowned music emporium that is Rough Trade Records. Independent purveyors of awesome music since 1976, they believe in truly connecting the listener and musician together, putting on daily live shows so you can see and hear latest albums live for yourself. Well worth a visit! Kudos to you if you have a record player and make a purchase.

Shoreditch London
Shoreditch London

Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane / Open Monday to Thursday 9am to 9pm, Friday 9am to 8pm / Saturday 10am to 8pm / Sunday 11am to 7pm.

There’s also plenty of bars around here and places to eat to keep your treasure hunting tummy happy but there is one place my Showaround local recommended in particular…

Shoreditch London

Food Time At The Pump Shoreditch London

Shoreditch London

This pop-up food market is always here with a ‘street-food’ style happening in tiny wooden huts. They’ll rustle something up for you in no time with the selection being wonderfully varied, healthy and hearty for all tastes.

168-175 Shoreditch High Street/ 11am to late 7 days a week.

Feeling Thirsty In Shoreditch London?

With time ticking, I unfortunately didn’t have much time left to hop into these hidden gems but my Showaround local assures me they are well worth going into for some top-notch cocktails behind hidden walls. First up, go into Nola.

Want more? Head to Calooh Callay. For something way out in the open but very much loved by the locals, The Blues Kitchen serves lip-smacking good Cajun BBQ food, glasses of mighty booze and buckets full of blues music.

By the way, if you’re around London at Christmas, extend your sightseeing by checking out these London Christmas Markets!

A Big Thank you To My Showaround Local

Shoreditch London

This delightful afternoon of Shoreditch London street art hunting, chocolate indulging, vintage rummaging and architecture loving was made possible by the lovely Karianne from Showaround.

Showaround allows you to search for locals in the area you are visiting and want to discover. Check out the locals’ interests and if you think you match with one of them, contact them, arrange an adventure for however long you want and begin planning your unique experience together. It’s a whole new approach to travelling and I’m digging it. Karianne carefully listened to my interests and showed me all the places I couldn’t help but love. Thanks Showaround!

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    • Aww thank you Bryanna. I only got a little slice of this place! There’s tons more street art here that I didn’t get a chance to see. It’s a true urban explorer’s playground!

  1. Showaround sounds awesome! It’s great that you guys were able to plan everything out before hand so you knew you were going to get to see the kind of stuff you liked. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. I love this Alice. Makes me excited to get back and visit England! Llove all the photos also! Keep it up girl, lots of love, Leah x

  3. So much unique and wonderful street art! I’ve spent a number of vacations in London, but haven’t really discovered Shoreditch yet – will have to head back! Thanks for the inspiration and tour!

  4. Wow! I have to admit that I tried to read the post first but almost immediately gave up in favor of just browsing through these amazing photos. So colorful, so dynamic, so exciting! Love all of them. Now, I can go up to the top again and peacefully read the rest :)

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