Welcome to Slovenia! Slovenia is THE greenest country in the world and one of the safest. If you look at Slovenia on a map, you’ll find it shares its borders with Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. It’s perfect for solo female travellers and has plenty of activities to keep you busy (as well as the most beautiful capital in Europe in my opinion!).


Most people visit the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and also the famous Lake Bled in Slovenia. There is so much more to see than this though! I have spent my time in the deep south along the River Kolpa, in Bela Krajina and found this off-the-beaten path part of Slovenia to be the most rewarding. It’s the least developed and most rural part – but the nature, culture and locals here are mindblowing. Check out my Slovenian blog posts below for more information!

When you plan your trip in Europe, make time in Slovenia. You won’t regret it!

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