Living the Big Berry Life in Slovenia: 8 Steps to a New You

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Sometimes an adventurous solo female traveller just needs a full-on nature getaway in the middle of paradise and tranquillity, with lashings of luxury spread all over it…and let’s face it, a glass of wine on top. No matter how much I rough it up mountains or whizz through dirt on my bike, I’m realising that this girl has a limit – and is crying out for some serious TLC.

2018 has so far been the year of ‘You need to look after yourself girl’ and I’ve been drumming up all the abundance I can call upon to improve my life.

More money.

Better, stronger, positive friendships.

A banging body and a hot boyfriend please.

And I need to eat well. I need to sleep well. And I need to get my eyes off the laptop mmmkay?

As a result, a little fellow blogging birdie recommended that an affordable luxury getaway in the safest, greenest country in Europe might just be the ticket. She was right! Say hello to the luxury Big Berry life in Slovenia!

Big Berry Life in Slovenia
Living the luxury life in Slovenia

Life in Slovenia: The Greenest Country in the World

Never considered visiting Slovenia before? You should. I love Slovenia. Here are just a couple of reasons why…

Slovenia is ranked as the 10th safest country in the world and the first for being the greenest and most sustainable.

The populations’ efforts to care for Mother Nature and our planet are through the roof.

Slovenia’s air quality, water and wildlife preservation are ticking all the green boxes and there are trees everywhere. Everywhere! Trees for daaaaays! 60% of the country in fact.

No wonder holidays to Slovenia are becoming more and more popular.

Living the Big Berry Luxury Life

When you think of the best places in Slovenia, you may have heard of Lake Bled in Slovenia and the capital Ljubljana! Yet, hidden down a darling country road in the deep south in Bela Krajina, on the border with Croatia in the village of Primostek, is a sustainable, healthy and local experience lovingly built in harmony with nature’s best.

Say hello to Big Berry Kolpa River Resort: my new luxury lifestyle resort for the next 3 days. Yas!

Big Berry Resort in Primostek Slovenia
Big Berry Kolpa River Resort

It’s not glamping Slovenia and it’s not camping Slovenia. It’s something refreshingly different.

Big Berry is a new concept for resorts in Slovenia, bringing sustainable living and Slovenia’s green lands together as one. Let’s see what it’s all about shall we? Step 1…

Grab your lover, mother or mates

Although on the surface self-care may appear to be a solo activity, I have found that travelling alone makes me crave the company of others more when I want a break. I want to share my thoughts with other humans, not just you lovely online peeps. I believe this is happening more and more in the world.

People are working for themselves more than ever, creating such wonderful start-ups and businesses. But this requires a solid continuous connection with the internet and inevitably in the process…well…our connection with family, friends and Mother Nature herself can be adversely affected. Sad but true eh?

When I need to stop and breathe, I want it to be with friends, family and people I care about. Big Berry will give you that chance to reconnect with what revives you: people and community. Right?! Whether it be your lover, mother or mates…make the most of this time together.

And it doesn’t matter if your companions are the biggest princesses out there because…

Snuggle into your luxury mobile house

Check into your big, beautiful Big Berry house! There are 7 guest houses on the Slovenian site, set within 25000 square metres of lovely green bliss. Open the big glass doors of your house, and you’re literally steps away from the river too. There are houses for all group sizes: 5 for 6 people, 1 for 4 and 1 for 2.

Life in Slovenia at Big Berry Resort
My Big Berry luxury resort house

To be this close to nature, but also have everything you need within reach, is what Big Berry knows best. You will have an outdoor lounge to soak up all the fresh air, your own fully equipped kitchen with a comfy chill out space and a big walk-in shower to refresh yourself any time of the day. Psst…fluffy bathrobes, towels and snug slippers are included too.

Book your stay at Big Berry

Click here to find out more about Big Berry

Click here to GET £15 OFF YOUR STAY!

Search for ‘Big Berry Kolpa’ once you’re on the page and the discount will apply.

Explore the side of your house

Your Big Berry house is unique. Just pop out of your door down the wooden steps and take a moment to sink your feet into the grass beneath you. Tiptoe around to the side, then enjoy what you are about to see!

Every Big Berry has been lovingly decorated by either a local or international artist, with their own interpretation of the Primostek community. My house had the most vibrant and blossoming bird on the side of it, chirruping amongst the meadows and flowers. Wonderful.

Big Berry house in Slovenia
Check out the art on the Big Berry house

Wake up to devour your fresh local breakfast

Right now, wherever you are, do you know where the food in your fridge or cupboard is coming from? I can tell you that my tomatoes right now in the UK are from Spain…but I have no idea from what area they are plucked or how they are produced. At Big Berry, you will be able to see exactly where everything you are putting into your mouth comes from.

They work with almost 40 local partners who produce their own food (mostly family businesses) to bring you the freshest of the freshest breakfast every morning, right to your door.

Yep, that’s right: staff will get up super early to get those eggs from the farmer to you…and that delicious hot traditional steamy Pogača bread with cumin and salt on top yassss!

The night before, make sure to look through the menu and tick what you would like. You know your appetite and what you like. Pick what you what and there’s a guarantee of no more wasted food! You can choose from a glorious selection of natural yoghurt, cheese, salami, jams, fruits, vegetables and of course: eggs and bread. Big Berry are vegetarian and vegan friendly too.

Personal recommendation: if you can, get your mitts on the Zlati Ghee (the chocolate one!). You’ll be throwing out the Nutella and choosing this jar every time instead.

Quick Facts about Slovenia

Location of Slovenia

Slovenia is in Europe and shares its borders with Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Austria

Size of Slovenia

20,151 square kilometres

Local time in Slovenia

Slovenia runs under Central European Time – it’s currently GMT+2!

Currency of Slovenia

Euros (Click here to get €5 free with the new UK Curve card!)

Read a book. Get a massage. Sit in the hot tub.

Can we take this luxury and pampering to the next level? Let’s do it.

Big Berry have their own masseuse on site, who will set up their table beneath the flowing trees, or next to the glistening river, to soothe your stress away. Just hang up the phone and don’t let anyone bother you for an hour. It’s what you need.

And to top it all off, your house has its very own private hot tub to slip into and bubble away those last molecules of the busy life. Kudos to you if you drink a local Slovenian glass of wine in the tub whilst you’re at it.

Big Berry Kolpa Resort egg swing chair
Relaxing in the egg swing chairs at Big Berry Kolpa Resort

Book your stay at Big Berry

Click here to find out more about Big Berry

Click here to GET £15 OFF YOUR STAY!

Search for ‘Big Berry Kolpa’ once you’re on the page and the discount will apply.

Go out and seek adventure

You may find yourself quickly moulding into the Big Berry atmosphere and not wanting to leave, but I have to tell you that there are so many beautiful places to go in Slovenia; especially in this local area.

You have free access to many activities on-site, including the outdoor gym and volleyball court. There are bicycles to ride and canoes to glide, but between you and me, hiking in Slovenia is off the charts. In the greenest country in the World, it’s a no brainer really! Hiking Slovenia needs to be on your bucket list.

To get out, to and from the resort, car rental in Slovenia is easy and very affordable and driving in Slovenia is all good too!

Click here to rent a car in Slovenia

I made the most of my time and went hiking, white water rafting and olive oil tasting. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog post on that, with instructions on how to get to this viewpoint!

Hiking in Slovenia along the Kolpa River
Hiking in Slovenia along the Kolpa River

Make new friends over food and wine

If I was to describe the people of Slovenia, they would be hard-working, open-minded and super friendly. Being welcomed with open arms, amongst a community which celebrates sharing its little-known country, runs right through the veins of the Big Berry community. The culture of Slovenia is rich and everybody works together to make the most of what they are good at and can share.

Big Berry staff work together to cook very yummy lunches that you are most welcome to eat. Whilst I was there, the masseuse cooked this brilliant Hungarian goulash – a meat and vegetarian version woohoo!

Life in Slovenia
Wine tasting at Big Berry

I was also able to tuck into some very juicy BBQ at the BBQ house. This was a lovely time to meet all the other guests who were staying on the resort. We ate. We chilled in the deckchairs. We discussed life. It was great!

Big Berry Life in Slovenia
Big Berry BBQ

Big Berry Slovenia Packing List

Click each link to check prices

Insect repellent

After bite bug cream

KEEN shoes

Solis Portable 24/7 WiFi (10% off with code TEACAKETRAVELS)

WiFi can be weak at Big Berry – but maybe that’s what you want!

Dry bag for water sports

Slovenia Lonely Planet Guide

Pack of playing cards

Travel adapter

Travel Insurance

Take a piece of Slovenia back home with you

Coming to a luxury nature getaway like Big Berry is a must see in Slovenia – it’s the perfect place to disconnect from the crazy and reconnect with your real roots: earth itself. Here you can really feel Slovenia and allow the peace and calm your body and mind has been asking for to take over.

Big Berry River Slovenia
Big Berry is right next to the river

It was hard to tear myself away. For now, I’m taking that chill and meditation time mindfully around with me, but the cost of living in Slovenia is not bad at all. I might just be back for longer. As one of the members of staff put it, ‘This is my eighth time coming back here. I just can’t help it’.

Book your stay at Big Berry

Click here to find out more about Big Berry

Click here to GET £15 OFF YOUR STAY!

Search for ‘Big Berry Kolpa’ once you’re on the page and the discount will apply.

How to get to Big Berry Kolpa in Slovenia

The best airport in Slovenia to fly into is Ljubljana. Once you land, grab your rental car and drive 1.5 hours to reach your getaway! You can find Big Berry at Primostek 50, 8332 Gradac, Slovenia.

Find the best price for your flight here

Are you in central Europe already and looking for the quickest route here?

Find the cheapest and quickest route with Go Euro

Other activities in Slovenia

slovenia: Get Your Guide

My complimentary experience at Big Berry was made possible by the awesome Big Berry team. Thanks guys! As always, opinions remain my own = honest and straight to the point.

Have you been to Slovenia yet?

Comment below!

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