The 7 Best Adventurous Things To Do in Italy

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When it comes to adventurous things to do in Italy, there’s a ton of activities to choose from! From discovering extreme Italy to something a little tamer, there’s many adventure activities in Italy to keep you pumped. I don’t think many visitors realise just how many thrills this beautiful country has to offer. So, time to pop down your cappuccino on the sidewalks of Rome, get off that boat floating down the canals in Venice and leave that wine tasting in Tuscany to later.

Whether you want to go solo or with your traveling buddies, I’ve discovered that Vault Cargo will help you secure all the equipment you need. I like to pack light when I’m doing adventure activities, so it’s nice not to have to worry about rentals when you’re there. In no particular order, here are my activities in Italy that I’m sure are gonna rock your world!

Biking Italy

When it comes to cycling in Italy, you can go one of two ways. The relaxing option, for those of you who just want to get your blood flowing, is to cycle Italy through the countryside. Pedal from one winery to the next in sunny Tuscany, stopping to savor the flavors of local wines as you go.

Adventurous things to do in Italy

Biking Italy the extreme way! Head to the mountains adventurer!

Those looking for a more strenuous ride can take to the peaks for a mountain biking excursion! Whether visiting Sauze d’Oulx—a town that was part of the 2006 Winter Olympics—or near Aprica’s ski runs, you’ll find plenty of places to ride.

Hiking in Italy

Not every adventurous experience in Italy is set on the water. Hiking Italy is a great way to explore the stunning contrasts of this country. On sunny summer days, places like the Amalfi Coast or the Aeolian Islands make for great hikes. Cinque Terre hiking is right up there on my list!

You can explore local cliff-side villages, sandy beaches and peaceful harbours. But if you’re looking for raw nature, national parks fill Italy’s borders. I think the trekking trails at Gran Paradiso, Val Grande, Monti Sibillini, Pollino, Gargano or Stelvio, are some of the best hikes in Italy. They all offer great hiking in protected natural settings.

Kayak Italy

Because a good deal of this country lies near the water (it’s nearly surrounded, after all), there are a ton of places to kayak in Italy. While the Amalfi Coast may come to mind, that’s not the only place ideal for this relaxing sport. How about some Venice kayak action? In this wonderful canal-filled city, I really do recommend swapping the gondola to kayak Venice.

Another really great spot is the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. This protected marine area increases your chances of spotting Italian wildlife, and it has stellar views too.

Paragliding Italy and Hang Gliding Italy

Whether it’s paragliding in Italy or hang gliding lessons you seek, you can find them here! Admittedly, neither are incredibly common, but they are definite ways to get your adrenaline flowing on your next Italian vacation.

Adventurous things to do in Italy

Paragliding Italy like a pro!

Soar through mountain valleys and over local lakes in the Alps or the Dolomites, or glide above the rolling hillsides of Tuscany’s Umbria. While I feel the views of jagged peaks and endless green hills can’t be beaten, thrill seekers can also drift over the shoreline of Sicily for a coastal gliding experience!

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Italy

If you’re itching to hop into the water and explore its mysteries, don’t be afraid. In addition to great kayaking spots, Italy is blessed with places to snorkel and scuba dive. Islands like Capri, Elba and Sicily offer crystal clear waters. There are a variety of nooks, crannies and sea caves to explore. Plus, colorful algae and coral, sea sponges and exotic fish fill the underwater environment.

Skiing Italy

If you want to ski Italy, The Alps and the Dolomites are both fantastic skiing destinations that are famous around the world. Situated near the Matterhorn peak and the Swiss border, Valle d’Aosta is another popular place for skiing in Italy.

Adventurous things to do in Italy

Skiing in Italy is definitely worth it!

Even when it’s snowing, you’ll find that the sun is shining in these Italian mountain ranges. Because neighboring countries like France and Switzerland are known for stellar slopes, I’ve found the mountainsides in Italy tend to be less crowded. Come over and ski here instead. It’s worth it!

Windsurfing Italy

Another water sport that travelers can try in Italy is wind surfing. This can be done on a lake or even on the ocean, depending on the winds, so consider all of your options. I became a big fan of windsurfing in Aruba and it can be picked up quite easily, so give it a go if you’re a newbie!

Adventurous things to do in Italy

Windsurfing Italy, especially on Lake Garda, is a ton of fun!

I think Lake Garda is probably the best place to try your hand at it, due to the non-stop winds, but don’t count out lakes like Cuomo, Iseo, Trasimeno and Idro. For oceanic options, Sardinia is ideal; both Porto Pollo and Murta Maria offer windsurfing. Campania and Elba are two other great options.

What are your adventurous things to do in Italy?

I hope you’re now feeling inspired to try out some kick ass adventurous things to do in Italy! There’s a ton of things to do in Italy for adventurers; even more than mentioned here. You can go bungee jumping in Italy, there’s some cool water parks in Italy too and for those of you who want to be strapped in and feel the thrills, there’s some decent amusement parks too. And if this is all just too much for you, there’s still plenty to be getting along with.

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Adventurous Things To Do In Italy

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29 replies
  1. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    What an exhilarating adventure through Italy. I loved the energy of your photos and it showed another side to that beautiful country.

    MELANIE says:

    Wow I really didn’t think there was that much to Italy to be honest. It sounds like there is loads to do there. Personally I’d be staying in an all inclusive hotel doing nothing at all as I need a rest badly.

    • Alice Teacake
      Alice Teacake says:

      I hear you girl. Sometimes we just need to really lay on the self love and pamper ourselves. Adventure really does restore me personally >< Nothing like an injection of fear and endorphins to sort you right out haha :D

  3. sabrina barbante
    sabrina barbante says:

    Oh Alice, I love when you talk about my country! For next time, I suggest you the Flight of the Angel and the Flight of the eagle in Basilicata, and biking and trekking in Puglia. Puglia, that is my region, is suggested for the good wine extreme activity :-D

  4. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    I’m Italian and I’m so happy to see so many posts about my country.
    I’ve never tried any of this activities because they’re more suitable for mountain locations and I’m more of a beach gal, but reading your posts I really want to try them all!

    • Alice Teacake
      Alice Teacake says:

      Hi Samantha :) Quite true that a lot of this has to do with the mountains. Your mountains are just splendid <3 Hope you're feeling inspired to ditch that bikini for a day and dive into some adrenaline sports

  5. Only By Land
    Only By Land says:

    Wow, these are such outgoing activities to do in Italy. I’m actually visiting Italy this winter so I’ll definitely get some skiiing in. I’m hoping to do a little hiking there too.

  6. Britta
    Britta says:

    I have done some skiing and hiking in Italy and it was so so beautiful. I can’t quite see myself paragliding because I am a chicken when it comes to things like this but would love to do a bike tour.

    • Alice Teacake
      Alice Teacake says:

      I’d say you’re right Chei! Might need longer than that! Mind you, quality over quantity is never a bad thing. If I had just 3 days, I’d choose one or two activities.

  7. Rhian
    Rhian says:

    I’d have never thought about kayaking in Venice. I’m heading to Venice and Rome in November so I’ll definitely be having a look about for adventurous things to do x

  8. Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson says:

    As someone who loves the great outdoors, this was such a great post to read and so appealing for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of this country. There is so much to see and you are doing a great job inspiring fellow female adventurers to get out there and enjoy it all.

    • Alice Teacake
      Alice Teacake says:

      What a lovely comment thanks Nicole! I totally agree with you that there is just so many awesome experiences out there to just be taken and enjoyed. Go see the world folks!

  9. Ana
    Ana says:

    I have entered a competition to win a trip to Italy so if I win- fingers crossed- I would love to go paragliding it would be so much fun. Stunning photos xx


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