The Sights of Sicily You Need to See

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Take a moment to envision yourself peacefully walking barefoot along the Mediterranean coast. The cool winds and rippling turquoise blue waves flirt before your eyes.

sights of sicily

Imagine a picnic basket with a fresh harvest of red, ripe cherry tomatoes from Pachino. Pair this with a bottle of almond wine from Castemola. What a scene! These indulgences are just a taste of what is to come, if you choose to stay in the villas in Sicily.

The Italian island meets the tip of Lo Stivale with an enormous region filled with history and endless beauty. Sicily is known for its unique status in the arts, literature, structural design and cuisine; all dating back to the Roman empire!

Before you research the highlights of traveling in Sicily, here’s some local favorites for each part of this luxurious, European island.


Marsala, Risotto and Wine–Oh My!

The Province of Trapani on the west coast is a major gateway to the Egadi Islands. Known for its marsala wine, this particular alcoholic delicacy categorises into various sweetness levels. It’s best enjoyed with hearty meals such as chicken marsala and risotto. You can take part in the Cous Cous Fest in San Vito lo Capo. Or, you could visit the religious festival Processione dei Misteri and immerse yourself in the commemoration of Jesus Christ. Eat, drink and live free in this beautiful region of Sicily!

Fireworks and Festivals

If you can’t get enough, visit Northern Sicily for Festino di Santa Rosalia in Palermo on Mount Pellegrino. I recommend taking in the beauty of the historic Tyrrhenian Sea on the northern coast. There’s steaming volcanic activity there and abundant plant life. The beautiful feature to watch out for are the plentiful grapevines decorating the houses and balconies. They add such an elegant touch to the Spanish-style verandas here.

Chocolate and More Wine

The eastern coast off Sicily welcomes you to the Pistachio fair in Bronte. Don’t forget the food and wine fair in Zafferana Enea too. The fine taste of the infamous almond wine can also be infused with the marsala wine. This gives the signature aftertaste of Amaretto.

Known for its crunchy and flavorful taste, no glass of wine is complete without cioccolata modicana, . In fact, the Chocobarocco Festival, is one of the biggest annual traditions in the southernmost part of Modica. No wonder!

Flowers and a Centerpiece

End your wonderful trip by taking home beautifully designed ceramic pottery and terra-cotta pieces from the plethora of boutiques. The Museum of Ceramics opens the world to an entirely undervalued side of Sicilian art!

Infiorata di Noto is an annual celebration that takes place in Noto after Easter. Thousands of people work together to create carpets and images. They’re made entirely of flowers and displayed throughout the streets for viewers to admire for miles and miles.

Food, Art, Culture…When is your Next Trip?

Wine, food, art, culture, and religion: what more could someone want from just one beautiful city in Italy? Wait no longer to dive into this new world of beauty. With so many things to see and do, it’s hard to waste your time here. How about treating yourself? Take the time to soak up the ancient beauty of Sicily and you won’t regret it.

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