4 Day Dolomiti di Brenta Adventure Itinerary: Hikes in the Dolomites Italy

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Welcome to the Brenta Dolomites, the Dolomiti di Brenta, also known as the Western Dolomites! If you’re looking for rugged, epic and extreme hiking in Italy adventures far from cities and main roads, this is it. These mountains boast some of the best hikes in the Dolomites with rustic mountain huts, serene lakes, glorious meadows and breathtaking limestone peaks.

4 Day Dolomiti di Brenta Adventure Itinerary

The Brenta Mountain Group (the Westernmost Dolomiti Mountain group!) is an entire UNESCO Dolomite site. And it’s all in Trentino Italy! There are 8 peaks above 3000 metres here. If you’re seeking a purely Italian mountains experience with challenging routes and a bunch of adventure activities, this 4 day itinerary is perfect for you.

Nicola, a local mountain guide, hiking up to Rifugio Tuckett
Nicola, our local mountain guide, hiking up to Rifugio Tuckett

I traversed through Trento, Andalo, Paganella, Molveno and Madonna di Campiglio before reaching the high-altitude Brenta Dolomites. I loved it all!

Read on to discover the route I took and to start planning your own hiking adventure.

Brenta Dolomites Quick Answers

In a hurry? Here’s answers to your questions about hikes in the Dolomites Italy.

Where are the Dolomites?

The Dolomites are located in northeastern Italy.

What is Dolomite?

It’s a sedimentary carbonate rock.

When to hike in the Dolomites?

Mid June to late September.

Best trails in the Dolomites?

The Brenta Dolomites in Trentino Italy is where it’s at!

Where to stay when hiking in the Dolomites?

In wooden huts called Rifugios. They’re listed in this article!

How to plan a hike in the Dolomites?

Read on for all the info you need!

Start or finish your hikes in the Dolomites in Trento

Why not start your Trentino adventures in the stunning Medieval and Renaissance historic centre of Trento? It’s one of Italy’s wealthiest cities. It has the best gelato (yum), plenty of alleyways to get lost in, gorgeous piazzas, its very own castle and a Gothic cathedral!

The main piazza in Trento Italy with the fountain and mountains behind it
The main piazza in Trento Italy with the fountain and mountains

It’s also small enough to feel very local and not overwhelming for a solo female traveller like myself. Before you start diving into serious adventures up in those mountains, take some chill out time here first. It’s worth it.

Best activities and tours in Trento

If you’re looking for fun and varied activities to keep you entertained in Trento, I recommend the following…

The best places to stay in Trento

Here are the top 3 options for budget, midrange and luxury travellers.

Day 1: Andalo, Paganella Mountain and Molveno Lake

From Trento, head up and up through the mountains to the charming little town of Andalo. With only 1000 inhabitants you’d think much wouldn’t be happening. Yet, Andalo is where all the magic begins. Situated in between the Paganella and Brenta Dolomites, Andalo is an adventure playground with plenty of Summer and Winter adventure activities to seize. Dolomites skiing is popular here too!

Man and woman hiking along a path on Paganella Mountain in Trentino Italy
The Paganella mountains rock!

Andalo Doss Pela Gondola in Andalo

It’s time to get high up into the mountains! It is here, at the bottom of Andalo Doss Pela Gondola, that you can meet a guide to take you up onto the Paganella mountains. I ventured forth with Claudio from Activity Trentino.

On the itinerary today is some hair-raising via ferrata in the Dolomites at Ferrata della Aquille. It is known in English as the Eagles’ Via Ferrata.

Hop on the cable car to the top of Paganella and you’ll immediately be welcomed by the Dolomite mountains! From here you can see Cima Molveno, Torre di Brenta and the mama, Cima Brenta (to name honestly just a few). You’ll be amazed at what stands before you. And this is just the beginning of your amazing journey!

Man looking out across the Paganella Dolomites above Andalo
Hiking on Paganella Mountain above Andalo in Trentino Italy

Ferrata della Aquile – Eagles’ Via Ferrata

For all you daredevils out there, the Ferrata della Aquille is an exhilarating fixed rope course on the side of the mountains that you can take by yourself (if you’re an expert and have the equipment). We chose to go with our expert alpine guide Claudio and rented all of the gear from him.

The ‘Via Ferrata’ here, meaning ‘iron way’ in Italian, has plenty of ladders, cables and wooden walkways to enjoy. As we scrambled over the rocks and made our way to the starting point, we were pumped to get on it and cling to its sides!

Our GoPros were strapped on. We were ready! Alas, Claudio wasn’t sure about the weather and the incoming fog, and declared it a ‘no go’. Noooo!

To say we were gutted is an understatement. Fingers crossed you will have better weather than us. Let me know in the comments what it’s really like when you make it here to the Italian Dolomites.

‘Well, there’s always food and wine!’ declared Claudio, and food and wine there is indeed in Trentino. We returned to the top of the cable car 2100m high, where Rifugio La Roda stands. Let the feast begin!

Lunch at Rifugio La Roda

This is the no.1 restaurant in Andalo. After walking out of here most likely 2 pounds heavier, I can vouch for that! And you must try the wine from their family vineyard. It is delizioso!

After gawping at the amazing view outside again, we snuck in and promptly tucked in.

Dishes include deer meat, raw beef with nuts and yoghurt, numerous amazing cheeses with mustard. Things can quickly get interesting when they start mixing sweet and savoury together. I tried blueberries orzotto with juniper essence and cheese foam, ravioli with cheese and pears and polenta cream with cheese fondue and truffles!

The polenta with grilled cheese, cheese fondue and mushrooms is divine. The stew of venison and deer with polenta and mushrooms is an excellent choice too. Good news for those of you with dietary needs: Rifugio La Roda has veggie, vegan and gluten free options. Expect to pay between 9 and 15 euros per dish.

Read the reviews about Rifugio La Roda here

Hiking to Rifugio Albi de Mez on the Paganella Mountains in Trentino Italy
Hiking to Rifugio Albi de Mez on the Paganella Mountains in Trentino Italy. Photo credit @kim.ou on Instagram.
Alice Teacake looking out to the Dolomites with a blue Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack on her back
I love my Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack! Photo credit @kim.ou on Instagram

I love my Osprey backpack

I’ve been testing out the Osprey Kyte 36 over my last couple of hiking trips and I love it. It’s built to withstand the hardiest and toughest outdoor ventures, whilst being totally adjustable to fit your gorgeous womanly body.

With easy access on the top, sides and bottom I have easy access to whatever I need . There’s plenty of room on the sides for my water bottle and hiking poles and a nifty large front pocket where you can shove stuff in too.

Find out more about Osprey backpacks here

Walk to Rifugio Albi de Mez

From Rifugio La Roda, head towards Rifugio Albi de Mez to walk it all off! The views are absolutely gorgeous and me and my friends (and Claudio of course) had lots of fun venturing up and down and through the mountain landscape. The sun finally came out. We sobered up. Before we knew it, we were back at the cable car and Rifugio La Roda to head back down to Andalo.

How to get from Trento to Andalo

You can get from Trento to Andalo by bus, taxi or your own hire car.

The bus is the cheapest option at €2 and it takes around 1.5 hours. Hop on the B611 or B621 from the Trento-Autostaz.

A taxi from Trento to Andalo is the quickest transport option. It should take around 40 minutes. However it is also the most expensive at around €50 – €65 one-way.

Instead, you could choose to hire a car. Petrol will only set you back €5 – €8.

Find the best car hire prices here

Next stop: Molveno for the next two nights!

Molveno Lake

Directly at the bottom of the Dolomiti di Brenta, Molveno is where all the hikers go – which means an adventurer like you is definitely in the right place! Tourists tend to flock to Lake Garda in this part of Italy, but Molveno’s lake is a real treat that I’m excited to tell you about.

Man paddle boarding upon Lake Molveno against the epic backdrop of the Brenta Dolomites
There are plenty of watersport opportunities available on Lake Molveno in Trentino Italy

You’ll be enjoying crystal clear, tranquil waters with plenty of adventure activities awaiting you tomorrow (paragliding and mountain biking)! I spent my evening on the shore soaking up the soothing vibes of the village lake. Behind me the mountains were waiting for me.

Girl in a yellow coat jumping off a rock on Lake Moreno in Trentino Italy
The sweet serenity of Lake Molveno in the evening

The best places to stay in Molveno

Me and my friends stayed at Hotel Europa in Molveno. It was the loveliest! With my own balcony and epic views of Molveno Lake from my room, I found this the perfect place to unwind in the evening.

Here are my other recommendations according to your budget and taste.

How to get from Andalo to Molveno

You can get from Andalo to Molveno Lake by bus, taxi, your own car hire or by walking!

A bus from Andalo to Molveno only takes 15 minutes and costs €2. Watch out though: from what I can see, buses only come around every 2 hours. Check bus times here.

A taxi only takes 4 minutes and costs from €10 – €12. You can call Taxi Trento on +39 0461 930002.

Why not hire a car to enjoy your adventure at your own leisure? It should only take around 6 minutes to get from Andalo to Molveno.

Find the best car hire prices here

Day 2: Paragliding and mountain biking in Molveno

As if experiencing Molveno Lake on the ground isn’t enough, how about jumping off a mountain and viewing it from above too?! Somehow, I persuaded myself to do just that.

I’ve never paraglided before in my life, so what you’re about to read is a genuine first-timers account of events. Eck!

Alice Teacake paragliding with her instructor Stefano above Lake Molveno
Paragliding across Lake Molveno is the coolest!

Molveno Lake Tandem Paragliding experience

With their offices directly right on the edge of Molveno Lake, I Fly Tandem Experience operate their awesomeness just out of a tiny wooden hut. Yet inside, are two of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met! Paragliding is their life. The enthusiasm and love they radiate for paragliding just oozes out of their pores. Nicola Donini is a former World Champion and two time European champion. Stefano Sottroi (my pilot!) is the former Italian National Instructor. We were all in safe hands indeed!

Alice Teacake and her paragliding instructor Stevano giving the thumbs up before taking off
Your Dolomiti di Brenta Adventure Itinerary can include paragliding!

As we made our way up to the top of the mountain via the cable cars, I naturally felt a little nervous. Yet as we ran towards the edge and soared off into the sky, the feeling of zen that overcame me was ace. The whole world opened up to me there and then and with the Dolomiti di Brenta behind me and Lake Moreno below; this beats flying in a plane any day! If only I could travel like this from A to B on the regular eh?

Glorious views of a paraglider flying above Lake Molveno with the Brenta Dolomites behind them
Now this is what paragliding looks like in the Brenta Dolomites!

I do have to say though that as the flight went on, I started to feel a tad nauseous. I’m prone to motion sickness and didn’t even consider the possibility of it before take-off. Take your meds if you’re a similar sensitive flower like me!

Book your I Fly Tandem Paragliding experience here

Paganella Mountain Biking in the Dolomites

Grab some lunch in the village centre before heading up the mountain to Paganella Mountain Biking Experience. Today was definitely a day of new experiences for me. Up until this point in my travels, I hadn’t tried mountain biking before either!

After working out how to even get a mountain bike in a gondola (vertical is definitely the answer), I gazed down from the gondola and eyed up the bikers below me. Twisting, turning and hurtling down with no inhibitions, I initially imagined myself being just like them. Free. Fierce. Fast!

Turns out that going ‘fast’ on a mountain bike (I’m not sure I was even going fast at the end of it all) is quite the thrill and trickier than it looks. For all you pro-bikers out there, you may find the Bear Epic Trail that I was on a doddle. However whatever your level, this stunning route switches up its surroundings and terrain continuously.

If you want to put yourself to the test physically and mentally, this is awesome! The instructors handled a beginner like me beautifully. They shared top notch tips that transformed my baby biker anxieties into sheer determination and confidence. My favourite mantra for this entire experience; ‘It’s OK girl – you’re on a two wheel Jeep’.

Find out more about Dolomiti Paganella biking here!

Day 3: Madonna di Campiglio to Rifugio Tuckett via Rifugio Casinei

Today is the day to really get stuck into the Brenta Dolomites hiking! What you are going to experience across the next 2 days whilst you hike Dolomites mountains will blow your woolly socks off.

Alice Teacake reaching Rifugio Tuckett knee deep in snow
Reaching Rifugio Tuckett in knee-deep snow is totally worth it! Photo credit @jacknjilltravel on Instagram

Wake up early. Grab some breakfast. It’s time to head to Madonna di Campiglio first with a top elevation of 2600m.


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Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio is hands down the number 1 ski resort to go skiing in the Dolomites in Italy. If you are here in Winter, enjoy! During Summer however, it is fantastic for hiking. With 450km of mountain paths to be traversed in the Brenta Dolomites, Madonna di Campiglio is the Italian village to depart and arrive from.

How to get from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio

You can get from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio by bus, taxi, your own hire car or by hiking through the mountains.

The buses from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio take between 3.5 – 4.5 hours. You will have to travel on more than one bus to get here. The trip should cost between €2 – €7.

By taxi, the trip is much quicker! Taxis from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio take around 1 hour 45 minutes. This is going to be the most expensive option.

Why not hire your own car instead?

Find the best car hire prices here

If you want to extend this itinerary, you can also hike from Molveno to Madonna di Campiglio via Malga Spora. The hike takes around 7 hours.

Madonna di Campiglio to Rifugio Casinei

My friends and I made our way by car to Madonna di Campiglio. It was here that we promptly met up with our mountain guide Nicola from Mountain Friends. With sun-kissed long hair, tanned skin, and calves clearly chiselled by the Brenta Dolomites themselves, Nicola proved to be a total legend.

Our original planned route for today was from here in Madonna di Campiglio to Discarica Maroni, Sentiero della Forra, Malga Brenta Bassa, Malga Brenta Alta and Rifugio Brentei.

However due to weather conditions (some so severe that paths had been destroyed months before by a storm), our plan for today changed to getting to Rifugio Spinale, Rifugio Casinei, Rifugio Tuckett and then back to the Casinei for dinner and sleep! Heads up: the weather in the Dolomites Italy can change fast. Prepare and pack accordingly!

Alice Teacake looking out across the Brenta Dolomites in the snow
It’s a good day for a hike! Photo credit @jacknjilltravel on Instagram

Hike to Malga Vallesinella Alta first

Hiking time: 1 hour

Your hike begins with a gentle ascent to Malga Vallesinella Alta (pasture place). We managed to take a sneak peak of the beginning of the Cascate Alta trail to get our waterfall fix first. Fingers crossed when you come to explore here, the path encompassing all three waterfalls of the Cascate di Vallesinella will be ready and waiting for you.

Once we hit the meadow it was a gloriously sunny, lush green and secluded spot to whip out our sandwiches and take our first break.

Rifugio Spinale in front of the amazing Brenta Dolomites Italy
Rifugio Spinale close to Madonna di Campiglio

Rifugio Casinei

Hiking time: 1 hour

Deep within the Campiglio Dolomiti, I hope you take the time to stumble upon this true gem in the woods run by the Serafini family. If you’re looking for an Italian mama to feed you and make you feel extra special, the wife (and clearly the lady who says what goes) will ensure you have an unforgettable stay.

Eating and drinking at Rifugio Casinei in Dolomiti di Brenta
Eating and drinking at Rifugio Casinei. Photo credit @kim.ou on Instagram

Open from mid-June to early October, the Rifugio Casinei is a hotel, farm and all-round haven that welcomes locals and tourists alike. We stopped here for lunch and left our belongings before embarking up to Rifugio Tuckett. You’ll be coming back down here later to sleep the night!

This place truly feels like home and you will be treated like a member of their own family. Seriously…take me back!

Serafini family posing for their photo at Rifugio Casinei
Meet the amazing Serafini family who run Rifugio Casinei. I love them!

Psst: ask them what bottles of Grappa they’ve got to be enjoyed. Grappa is an Italian brandy that will make you extra happy. Enjoy!

Reserve your bed at Rifugio Casinei here

Rifugio Tuckett

Hiking time: 1 hr 30 minutes in the snow

After lunch, it’s time to hike up to the sky-high Rifugio Tuckett within the heart of the Brenta Dolomites. We sensed the views were going to be out of this world but did not fully fathom their impact until we arrived.

We ascended through knee-deep snow up and up. Then panicked for a couple of seconds when we heard thunder! Yet we kept going and whoa…once we emerged upon our goal for today, Italy officially pulled it out of the bag!

Just take a look at these beasts! They’re giving the mountains of Pakistan a run for their money.

Punta Massari and Cima Brenta from Rifugio Tuckett
Punta Massari and Cima Brenta from Rifugio Tuckett

At 2272m, you’ll feel a little closer to the Heavens once you reach what must be the best ‘garden’ a wooden hut has ever had. Look out of Rifugio Tuckett’s windows, and you’ll be gawping at Punta Massari and Cima Brenta towering above you.

Want to stay at Rifugio Tuckett instead of Rifugio Casinei? Book here

Day 4: Rifugio Casinei to Madonna di Campiglio via Rifugio ai Brentei

Today you’ll be hiking to Rifugio ai Brentei via the Valle del Fridolin. There is plenty of opportunity for adventures along the way. Planned and unplanned! Make sure to take a packed lunch lovingly provided by the Serafini family before you go.

Chapel next to Rifugio ai Brentei in the Dolomiti di Brenta
Chapel next to Rifugio ai Brentei in the Dolomiti di Brenta

Hike to Rifugio ai Brentei

Hiking time: 2 hours with snow obstacles included

This rugged and dramatic path you will take can be narrow in places with a serious drop, so if you’re afraid of heights, this may not be the hiking challenge for you. Regardless, the views yet again will make your jaw drop. Nothing else!

At one point after venturing through a solid icy tunnel, we came out the other end to this particular view!

Dolomiti di Brenta along the trail to Rifugio ai Brentai framed by rock
Dolomiti di Brenta along the trail to Rifugio ai Brentai

Although the sun was shining bright throughout the day, we still had to carve our way through heavy snow in parts. Having such an expert guide like Nicola ensured we didn’t stray from the paths. I’ve done a lot of hiking in my time – but having a local with you never fails. They know the mountains like the back of their hand. In situations like this; that’s life-saving.

Find out more about hiking with Mountain Friends here

Pause at Rifugio ai Brentei

Soon enough, you will reach Rifugio ai Brentei at 2175m! It’s a lovely spot and was the home of Bruno Detassis: an awesome local mountaineer who opened hundreds of climbing routes and hiking trails around here. It’s location could not be sweeter. It’s directly opposite the Crozzon di Brenta, and of course you can see Cima Tosa and Cima Margherita too!

Make sure to visit the chapel nearby too which commemorates the people who have passed away in these mountains.

The Rifugio ai Brentei is an atmospheric place to sleep if you wish to do so!

Check Rifugio ai Brentei’s availability here

Return to Madonna di Campiglio via Rifugio Graffer

From Rifugio ai Brentei you will continue to head down through charming calming meadows and thriving forests alongside gushing streams and waterfalls. The fauna here is amongst the richest in the Alps too! Bear, chamois and alpine ibex inhabit these lands alongside the Golden Eagle and Wood Grouse.

The flora will have you checking on the settings on your camera too. Are the blues and greens you’re seeing really this vibrant? They sure are!

The meadows of the Dolomiti di Brenta
The meadows of the Dolomiti di Brenta

Check into Hotel Chalet de Sogno in Madonna di Campiglio

Yes, it certainly is on the luxury end of the accommodation scale. But oh my…is this one of the best hotels in the Dolomites! The family-run Hotel Chalet de Sogno is the only five star hotel in Madonna di Campiglio. If you’re looking for the utmost comfort and pampering, there is no better way to end your 4 day Dolomiti di Brenta adventure itinerary.

Be quick! Rooms at Hotel Chalet del Sogno get booked out fast

Constructed from the finest natural materials which include wood, wool, lime and local stone, every room has its own unique style and feel. The staff goes above and beyond every time you need their help or are receiving service.

Inside Hotel Chalet del Sogno with its wooden cosy features
The Hotel Chalet del Sogno is incredibly cosy and luxurious

The spa downstairs is also such a treat! There’s a hot tub, pool, sauna, steam room, treatment rooms and plenty of space down there to enjoy it all. I hopped right in here as soon as I arrived so I was spruced up and ready for dinner in their top-notch restaurant.

Gourmet dinner at the Restaurant Due Pini

This dinner was wonderfully spectacular. I wish I had the skills of a food blogger to do all of the wizardry that was in front of me justice! Essentially, I ate everything that was given and my tummy knows it’s some of the best food it’s ever eaten. Try the black truffle ravioli and the Dolomiti desert! You won’t regret it.

Read more reviews about Restaurant Due Pini here

This was the perfect end to an amazing 4 day break in the Brenta Dolomites. Be a true adventurer and go west deep into the Italian Dolomites trekking. The true magic of the mountains awaits you here.

The best places to stay in Madonna di Campiglio

Here are the top 3 options for budget, midrange and luxury travellers.

How to get to Andalo or Trentino from the airport

The nearest airport to Andalo and Trentino is Verona where you can get a bus to both of these starting points.

You can also arrive from the airports in Venice, Brescia, Treviso, Trieste, Parma, Milan Linate, Innsbruck, Bolzano, Bologna or Bergamo.

I recommend hiring your own car from these airports for your adventure.

Check hire car prices here


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Are you ready for a Dolomiti di Brenta adventure?

The Brenta Dolomites contain some of the best hikes in the Dolomites. Make the most of your Summer and head to Trentino Italy for the adventure of your life!

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