The Best Treks in the World Every Adventurer Should Try

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What are the best treks in the world? It’s hard to put together a list of hiking destination and trails that everyone will agree on. However, with the help of my travel blogging buddies, I asked the best trekking and hiking adventurers what their favourite great trek or hike is on this planet. They came up with these awesome top hikes in the world!

Covering all continents, here is my ultimate list of the best hikes and treks in the world, for the globe trekker who wishes to venture into the unknown! This post welcomes beginners, well-seasoned explorers and the top-notch experts seeking the best places to hike.

The Best Treks in the World

Below you find every trek and hike listed, but to get the full details you need for each hike, make sure to visit each of the specialist blog posts highlighted. These blog posts will go into much more detail about every hike’s difficulty level, how long they take, what you will see and experience and what you must know before you go!

Some hike’s require specialist equipment, whilst other hikes have some nifty hiking hacks that you need to know. Make sure to read the specific blog posts for each continent to make sure you are full prepared. Let’s go and hike the world!

Best Treks in the World

What is trekking and hiking?

What is the difference between trekking and hiking?

Hiking is an activity which is on trials which are well-marked out, laid down and man-made.

Trekking on the other hand is more challenging. It’s more rigorous, in the wilderness and usually takes more than one day.

The following list includes both hikes and treks so that you can explore this world fully. Just because a route isn’t technically a ‘trek’, this doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. Some of the hikes listed only take an hour to complete for example, but still offer stunning experiences and challenging circumstances!


Hardest hikes in the world

Mount Huashan in China, Bright Angel Trail in Arizona, GR20 in Corsica

Best countries for hiking

Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Canada and Switzerland

Longest hiking trail in the world

Pacific Crest Trail in Canada (nearly 15,000 miles long!)

Best backpack in the world for trekking

Osprey Aura AG 65 for women

Osprey Aether 70 for men

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is undoubtedly the dream for many a mountain trekker where you will be traversing along the best hikes in the world. You are going to experience breathtaking, life-changing views here; Nepal is one of the most beautiful mountainous countries in the world!

places to visit in Nepal
Mera Peak Nepal – photo courtesy of Full Time Explorer

Challenge yourself on Mera Peak, attempt the world-famous Everest Base Camp or be kind to yourself (almost!) as a beginner and trek to Annapurna Base Camp.

Best Hikes in Nepal

In no particular order, here are my top 5 best hikes in Nepal.

  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  • Three Passes Trek – Everest Base Camp Trek + Gokyo Lakes Trek
  • Ghorepani / Poon Hill circuit
  • Mera Peak
  • The Langtang – Gosaikunda Trek

Get all the details about these hikes

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Hiking in Europe

The best hiking trails Europe has to offer are just out of this world. You will be spoilt for choice in this varied and stunning part of the world. Will you enjoy the lush green mountains of the UK, throw yourself into the dramatic landscapes of the Dolomites in Italy, or opt for the less known trails in Poland and Slovenia?

greatest hikes in the world
The Coumshingaun Lake Loop in Waterford, Ireland – Photo courtesy of Your Irish Adventure

I recommend tackling Trolltunga in Norway, giving the routes in Albania a try and for the ultimate challenge, taking on the GR20 Long Distance Trek in Corsica. Which treks in Europe will you take on?

The Best Treks in Europe

What’s the best trekking in Europe? These 16 treks and hikes in Europe will get you off to a cracking start! I believe they are some of the most beautiful hikes in the world. Europe also has some of the best day hikes in the world if you want to take it easy.

  • Tre Cime Natural Park Trek – Dolomites, Italy
  • Seven Rila Lakes – Bulgaria
  • Tour du Mont Blanc – France, Italy and Switzerland
  • GR20 Long Distance Trek – Corsica
  • Rysy trek – Poland
  • Snowdonia – Wales, UK
  • Coumshingaun Lake Loop – Waterford, Ireland
  • Carros de Foc in The Pyrenees – Spain
  • Valbona to Theth in the Accursed Mountains – Albania
  • Vall del Madriu-Perafita-Claror hike – Andorra
  • Vikos Gorge hike in Zagorohoria – Greece
  • Trolltunga – Norway
  • Rota Vicentina – Portugal
  • Vintgar Gorge – Slovenia
  • Skåneleden Trail – Sweden
  • Lauterbrunnen to Schilthorn – Switzerland

Get all the details about these hikes

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Hiking in New Zealand, Australia and Beyond

How about discovering the best hiking trails in Oceania? The best places to hike on this continent are a wonder to behold. Make your Lord of the Rings dreams come true in New Zealand through stunning forests and along beautiful ridge lines in some of the best National Parks ever! Or venture through the open outback in Australia through canyons and golden rock domes. Don’t miss the coastlines too. It’s definitely worth it.

Hiking New Zealand
Routeburn in New Zealand

Let’s not forget the islands in Oceania too. This list includes some magical off-the-beaten paths that you may not know about until reading this list!

My personal favourites places to go hiking in this corner of the world include the Routeburn Track in New Zealand and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand.

Best Hikes in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

In no particular order of excellence, put these beauties on your trekking and hiking bucket list.

  • The Routeburn Track – New Zealand
  • Ben Lomond Track – Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Valley of the Winds – Kata Tjuta, Australia
  • Cape to Cape Track – Australia
  • Larapinta Trail – Northern Territory, Australia
  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing – North Island, New Zealand
  • Overland Track – Tasmania, Australia
  • Bondi to Coogee Coastal hike – Sydney, Australia
  • Omao to Hanavave – Fatu Hiva Island Trek, Marquesas Islands
  • Kepler Trek – New Zealand
  • Lake Matheson Fox Glaciar – South Island, New Zealand
  • Millenium Cave – Vanuatu

Get all the details about these hikes

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Best treks in Africa

How about taking your mountain trek goals to Africa? The trek adventures in Africa are full of excitement with truly off-the-beaten paths that, although may be at first a challenge to get to, are well worth the effort in the end.

Best Hikes in Africa
Mount Ololokwe in Kenya – Photo courtesy of German Backpacker

Yes, there’s the epic Mount Kilimanjaro that the best walker will want to take on. Let’s face it: it is by far one of the best hiking trails in the world. However, there are other great hikes here that I urge you to take on and attempt. Venture into the Simien mountains, enjoy the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco and feel that warmth on your face on the Nyiragongo volcano trek in the Democratic Republic of Congo!

Best hikes in Africa

  • Mount Ololokwe – Samburu County, Kenya
  • Dogon Country – Mali
  • Rwenzori Mountains Loop Trek – Uganda
  • Imlil Valley to Azzadene Valley – High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
  • Nyiragongo volcano trek – Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Otter Trail – South Africa
  • Tok Tokkie Trails – Namibia
  • Simien Mountains – Ethiopia
  • Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Get all the details about these hikes

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Best hikes in South America

What are the best treks in South America? In this part of the world you are going to be absolutely spoilt for choice. This is the land of Peru, Colombia and epic Patagonia. Wow! The hiking trails in South America will take your breath away and make you feel fully alive.

Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu
Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu

For the best trekking in South America, you must take on the Cerro Castillo Trek and try what is known as the most scenic trail in Peru – the Huayuhash circuit. It takes 10 days! For full on adventure, try the Inca Jungle Trek in Peru. Basically, there are many best hikes in Peru! Peru wins.

Need something easier? Try the Morro Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Best treks in South America

If you’re looking for the best places to hike in the world which are more difficult than usual, South America will deliver. These are my top recommended hikes here:

  • Cerro Castillo Trek – Patagonia, Chile
  • Huayhuash Circuit – Peru
  • Lost City Trek – Colombia
  • Torres del Paine – Patagonia
  • Ollantaytambo to Sun gate of Machu Picchu – Inca Trail, Peru
  • Inca Jungle Trek – Peru
  • El Morado National Park Trekking – Santiago, Chile
  • Garganta do Ceu, Pedra da Gavea – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Morro Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Get all the details about these hikes

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Best treks in USA, Canada and beyond

Trekkers venturing to this part of the world will be treated to some of the best National Parks ever! You may find yourself in stunning Banff, Canada or along the infamous Appalachian Trail.

Best hikes in Canada, USA and North America

If you want to venture further, I highly recommend heading to Mexico to Copper Canyon for the best trails. It’s a hidden gem that is still a relative secret to hikers around the world. Get there now before everyone else does.

The best trekking places in North America

In no particular order of magnificence, here are the best trekking places in North America.

  • Stawamus Chief – Canada
  • Lake Agnes Tea House – Western Canada
  • Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House Hike – Banff, Canada
  • Bright Angel Trail – Grand Canyon, USA
  • Angels Landing – Zion National Park, USA
  • The Appalachian Trail – USA
  • Four Pass Loop – Maroon Bells Wilderness Aspen Colorado, USA
  • John Muir Trail – California, USA
  • Wonderland Trail – Washington, USA
  • Acatenango and Fuego – Guatemala
  • Cerocauhi to Urique – Copper Canyon, México

Get all the details about these hikes

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Best hikes in Asia

What are the best mountains to hike in Asia? The answer is that there are so many that I love and that my fellow travel blogging buddies adore too. The hikes here are immense and unforgettable! If you venture to China and India particularly, you’ll be blown away with epic views after challenging but 100% worthwhile adventures.

Hiking in Asia
Snow Mountain at the end of the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek in China

Best treks in Asia

I have personally hiked in Asia the most, so it was hard to whittle the absolute best treks in Asia down within this list. Nonetheless, I believe you will love the following!

  • The Chadar Trek – Ladakh, India
  • Lenin Peak – Kyrgyzstan
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge – Yunnan, China
  • Magome to Tsumago – Nakasendo Trail, Japan
  • Mestia-Ushguli trekking – Caucasus, Georgia
  • Wadi Ghuweir Trail – Jordan
  • Khao Ngon Nak – Krabi, Thailand
  • Great Wall of China – Jinshanling, China
  • Tiger’s Nest – Bhutan
  • Jebal Shams Mountain – Oman
  • Ganden-Samye trek – Tibet
  • Kalaw to Inle Lake – Myanmar
  • Mount Hallasan – Jeju Island, South Korea
  • Amarnath cave – Jammu, India
  • Sapa – Vietnam
  • Tikona Fort trek – Maharashtra, India
  • Sidemen Bali Rice Terrace Trekking – Bali, Indonesia

Get all the details about these hikes

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What are your best treks in the world?

I know there’s so many more of the best mountains to hike in the world that have not been listed here! In fact, here’s a couple more of my favourite hikes around the world that I just have to let you know about.

The most dangerous trail in the world? Hiking Huashan in China!

Two hikes in Xingping China you cannot miss

Hike El Caminito Del Rey in Spain

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