10 Volunteer Abroad Free Opportunities Too Good To Be True?

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Are you broke and wondering how to travel for free? Why not volunteer and work abroad? There are so many volunteer abroad free opportunities on this planet right now, you might question if they’re even true! These opportunities really do exist though…and they’re brilliant! Volunteer work is far from boring and I think you’ll be amazed at what you can actually get up to.

Volunteer Abroad Free

Why Volunteer?

Volunteer projects abroad are going to challenge you, teach you something new, connect you with amazing cultures, and show you just how awesome this planet is. The problem is that there are a lot of rogue volunteer organizations out there, which will charge you an arm and a leg to do something good. You don’t have to pay to do amazing things in the volunteer world. There are plenty of volunteer abroad free programs out there and there’s no better time than now to dive right in!

Here’s my top 10 voluntary work opportunities which are available on Hippohelp right now! Why not go volunteer and apply for an experience which is going to change and enrich your life today?

10 Amazing Volunteer Abroad Free Opportunities

Volunteers needed! If this isn’t going to inspire you to volunteer abroad free, I’ll eat my hat. Get some volunteer experience and be an awesome human being. These volunteer jobs are all available now. Be inspired and hit the apply button!

Build a surf camp on a Filipino island

Here you’ll be asked to use resources from the surrounding area to help the host build a surf camp on his small island. You can also help with cooking and keep the place in good order. The benefits? The camp is surrounded by lovely islands, providing excellent snorkeling in the clearest waters of the world. On your time off you’ll be able to fish, dive and explore beautiful caves! Sound good? You can apply to Patoyo Camp here.

Volunteer for free in the Philippines with Hippohelp
Want to build a surf camp on an island in the Philippines?

Convert a school bus into a community kitchen

Daisy, a host over in California, is converting a school bus into a sustainable kitchen. The bus is driven on veggie oil and Daisy has just completed a test run of 600 km for $0.54! Once the work is done, the kitchen will roll out throughout the U.S, all the way down so you can volunteer South America. The host will stop and help out at farms along the way, and collect excess food that the farmers may have. This way, she can make meals for anyone else she meets along the way. She believes everyone deserves a decent meal. What an awesome woman! I love woman entrepreneurs who want to make a difference to the world. Apply to this travel opportunity to hang out with Daisy here.

Sail to remote places in the Pacific ocean

Volunteer overseas on an expedition in New Zealand! They need 1-2 crew members for their expedition to remote places in the Pacific ocean. You’ll be working on a 18m expedition yacht that caters for adventurers, research teams and film makers. The duration for an expedition is usually 1 to 2 weeks, and your work will involve general maintenance on the vessel. Once you’ve prepared your sea legs, you can apply to work with the Dona Catharina here.

Volunteer Abroad Free and you will be able to sail to remote locations in the Pacific Ocean
Just look at this Pacific Ocean!

Join a Spanish spiritual community

How about some volunteering with a touch of spiritual magic? In the southern part of Spain, you’ll find a small community who are dedicated to self sustainability, and living at one with Mother Nature. They perform spiritual ceremonies and meditation that you can take part in if you wish. It’s time to get in touch with yourself and press the reset button! You will be asked to help out with gardening, various building projects, and keeping the place in good order. You can apply for some TLC at Ashram Soul Garden here.

Play Hard at Party Hostel in Las Vegas

If chilling out in Spain isn’t your thing, maybe Las Vegas will convince you to do some volunteer work abroad! For the party people out there, this is some hip and happening volunteer travel. The Hostel Cat has been voted as one of the top 5 party hostels in the world so yippee ki-yay motherpartiers! Volunteer projects here are all about trying to keep the hostel running whilst you keep yourself running in some shape or form too. They’re on Las Vegas Boulevard. I’ll take this position if you don’t. You can apply to Hostel Cat here.

Empower children in the pearl of Africa

Volunteer Africa! Be an international volunteer in Africa and really make a difference to children’s’ lives in Uganda. Taata Kids are providing education and psycho-social support to needy children in Mbale. Their schools and rescue programs are saving young locals from child labour, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies and forced early marriage. It’s tough work but highly rewarding. You’ll be able to hike in tropical forests, shower in waterfalls and spend time with local tribes to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Be an Africa volunteer and make an impact by applying with Taata Kids here.

Volunteer in Africa for free and really make a difference to the communities' lives
Volunteer in Uganda

Save endangered horses in Greece

Help save the endangered small-sized Skyrian horse in Greece! It’s one of the most rarest and ancient breeds of horse in the world. Not only can you assist with taking care of the horses, but if you’re a wizard at photography, filmmaking or translation, they would love to have you to help with conservation work. Yay! The horses look absolutely adorable and being able to hang with such a special breed is a real treat in my opinion. Plus, it’s Greece! Greece is ace. Conservation volunteers are warmly welcomed at Mouries Farm.

Sleep in the Indian desert caring for camels

Yogi, a lovely man in India, is operating camel safaris and looking for volunteers. Here you’ll experience the life in the Indian desert, and when the darkness falls you’ll sleep in tents under the stars. The host is looking for both short and long-term positions, and there are plenty of different tasks to be done. Some tasks include animal care, elderly care, farming, language practice and online marketing. This is some unique volunteer experience for sure! You can apply to be an Indian safari adventurer here.

Volunteer Abroad Free and you can take care of camels in the Indian desert!
Anyone fancy taking care of a camel in India?

Teach English in Vietnam

I am incredibly passionate about volunteer teaching abroad. It’s a great way to see if you love teaching in the first place. If you do, teaching abroad full time is a great way to fund your travels. You’ll gain excellent teaching abroad experience and increase your chances of a great paid job. A network of teachers, volunteers and members of the local community have set up an English Centre over in the suburbs of Hanoi, Vietnam. They’re looking for global volunteers like you.

Don’t teach English in Vietnam like I did. Here you’ll teach English in exchange for free shared accommodation with other volunteers. They are looking for 1-6 volunteers who can stay for at least 3 weeks. You don’t need to be a native English speaker, but you need to at least be fluent in English. Time to experience some amazing Pho and finally see Halong Bay eh? You can apply to volunteer abroad for free in Vietnam here.

Grow fresh veggies in China

I’m in love with China. I’ve done so much hiking there. I taught English and studied Jiu Jitsu for 3 months straight too. The hosts of Hippohelp live in Guilin; a beautiful part of China! Leo and his wife are looking for a travel volunteer to help them grow their vegetables. If you’re interested in helping for around 2 hours a day, take a look at Guilin on the Hippohelp map!

Volunteer Abroad Free to experience life in the Chinese countryside whilst growing yummy vegetables
The beautiful landscape of Guilin in China

One of the best Volunteer Programs

Hippohelp is a map-based work exchange platform connecting travellers with hosts all over the world. It’s one of the volunteer abroad programs which is completely free to use, and you can use Facebook to log in.

What is Volunteering?

The work exchange idea is simple. Travellers from across the world, live with all kinds of hosts for free, in exchange for providing a few hours of honest work per day. Volunteer holidays are a great way to discover new cultures and friends. A win for all parties involved. Using Hippohelp, you’ll be able to find hosts across the world, and fellow travellers to hang out with in these volunteer opportunities abroad.

How to Volunteer with Hippohelp

With so many volunteer trips out there on the web, it can be hard to know where to start. As I advised at the beginning of the article, you do not have to pay to volunteer. Some volunteer organisations charge so much money when all you want to do is good in this world. It’s simply too much money. Choose overseas volunteering which is fair and truly has the community’s best interests at heart.

Apart from this, here are a few of my top tips to help you out when using Hippohelp.

Make sure that you and your host are on the same page, before arriving

Whilst things usually work out great between hosts and helpers, problems do occur every now and then. Most issues are usually a result of misunderstandings. It’s super important to talk things through before booking a stay, preferably via Skype. I always do this when I am Housesitting and looking after pets too. Seeing and talking to a person in real-time is just so much better than back and forth emails.

Ask for references and do your own research

Since Hippohelp is so new, many hosts do not have any references yet. If your host has no references, make sure to ask if there are references somewhere else on the internet. Ask if there’s a Facebook page too. Do as much research as possible before booking a stay. I always do my research when I’m Couchsurfing. Reading someone’s reviews will quickly tell you what they’re really like.

Make sure to use the “helping request” functionality

If you only book a stay using the message system you won’t be able to send or receive a reference. The ability to post a bad reference if the host or helper are not fulfilling his/hers promises, is an important tool to avoid bad experiences.

Use the travel markers!

Not only hosts can mark out their locations on the map in Hippohelp. Travellers are able to post travel markers, indicating where they are, or plan on going. Posting travel markers is a great way to find other travellers who you can share a ride with. Many hosts are also actively looking for travellers who have placed markers in their area.

How to go abroad on the cheapest flight

Volunteer abroad free programs are all well and good, but how about getting there in the first place? If you’re traveling on a budget, getting a cheap flight to your destination is a priority. I recommend starting to search for your flights using the Skyscanner app. They will show the cheapest flight across a whole month and they never push up their prices when you go back to search with them. Looking for more travel hacks? Check out my holiday booking hacks.


Find your cheap flight with Skyscanner

Travel on a Budget

If you don’t have a lot of money in your travel account, there are so many ways to stretch your money and travel on a budget forever and ever. I have a ton of money-saving tips for you in my Travel on a Budget article.

If you’re really broke, there are ways around it. If you want to volunteer Europe, I travelled Europe for free (mostly) on my way back from the Mongol Rally. Find out how I travelled Europe for free.

Don’t leave home without travel insurance

I’m not letting you leave this page without reminding you to get travel insurance. You need it. However careful you are, things can still go wrong. I’ve ended up in hospital in Russia, had stuff cut out of my arm in Vietnam and don’t even get me started on that time I was vomiting my guts up in Poland.*Rant over*


Get travel insurance and ensure peace of mind!

Good luck on your voluntary work abroad! I hope you’re feeling pumped up and inspired to take that leap to work and travel abroad. Volunteer abroad free opportunities are ready and waiting. Go be awesome.

Have you volunteered? What benefits did volunteering give you? Comment below!

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  1. Hi Alice! This was a really interesting article to read since I’d love to do some volunteer work at some point of my travels, but I don’t want to pay to volunteer somewhere – sort of seems counterproductive, doesn’t it? Have you got personal experience with Hippohelp? It sounds really good.

    • Hey Elina! I agree. Totally counterproductive. Hippohelp is super new. They got in contact with me and after having a good read of this, I wanted to give them some exposure. Their heart is in the right place and although I haven’t met Leo and his wife personally, I believe they’re doing a really good job so far. With any volunteering platform, each host is going to have their own expectations and ways of doing things, so I recommend following my advice at the end of the article on how to volunteer <3

  2. As someone who loves traveling I love articles like these! I’ll have to look into some of these orgs. (I’m always a bit wary of international volunteering activities since so many “volunteer” orgs have popped up recently that are exploitative).

    • Jennifer you are SO RIGHT. There are a lot of volunteer cowboys out there. That’s why I wanted to highlight Hippohelp for being free, genuine and all about the volunteering. i.e. not the money!

  3. I learned so much from this fabulous post! I had never heard of Hippohelp before but it truly sounds like an amazing resource. So many of us can really feel so fulfilled by volunteering to make a difference and the examples you have highlighted here really does show that it is worldwide.

    • Hippohelp are new so they’d really appreciate you spreading the word! I’m determined to do more volunteering this year. It’s an alternative way to travel and such a brilliant way to improve your own life whilst helping others.

  4. Ok, I totally bookmarked this page for reference. I love volunteering and try to at least once a year, however as I’m traveling full time now I don’t have all the expenses to volunteer in foreign countries it can get really expensive sometimes. Thanks for sharing this

  5. This is such a valuable blog post! Well done. Such wonderful causes too and really unique. I would love to do some more volunteering and might look in to saving the horses in Greece.

  6. Travelling for free , this is really interesting post and great idea . Wish I’m still a free man but I’m married and have to live close with family and our community

  7. If I was younger and did not have a child, I would definitely be trying these out right now. They seem like some amazing adventures to have. It’s gotta be a blast traveling to all these different places and helping people out around the world.

  8. My husband and I love to travel and this would be a nice experience for both of us! There are so many ways to help around the world and it’s a great way to experience a country as well. I’m am totally considering this.

  9. Wow, did not know you could actually do that. That is awesome, not only do you get to travel, but it is a great way to give back as well. Would have loved to come across an article like this when I was younger and in college. It would have been the perfect way to spend the summer. Thank you for sharing, will pass this along :-)

  10. Hi Alice! I love your post, I really want to travel the world and volunteer but I am afraid most of your ideas ain’t applicable in Africa. Is alot difficult I can even barely save for my flights


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