5 reasons why I love hiking

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Some people run.  Some people play golf.  Some people like to wear weird masks and hit each other with sticks (that’s fencing right?) but for me, it’s hiking! Here’s Teacake’s top 5 reasons why hiking is awesome…

5 reasons why I love hiking

5: Everyone loves you

There’s something about hiking where if you pass someone, it’s like greeting an old friend: ‘Hello!’ ‘Good morning!’ ‘Keep going!’ ‘You’re nearly there!’ People are just so nice when they’re walking up and down mountains!

4: Bonfire nights are the new rave

Do you usually get down and shake your booty in a club with high heels, glitzy sprinkles all over you and all that jazz? Screw that. You can party like it’s 1999 in a raincoat with mud all over your face when you hike and no-one gives a damn because they’re covered in crap too. All you need is wood to burn, questionable alcohol some dude on the mountain has brewed, some hiking sticks to throw in the air and a sound system with all of your batteries combined and you’ll have parties top DJs wish they were at.

3: Food has never tasted so good

Teacake has hiked in lots of different countries: when you’re cold/stupidly hot, hungry and it’s finally an acceptable time to stop and eat lunch, it’s the best feeling ever. Nuts taste so goddamn nutty. Apples just release the yummiest juices. Water has never felt so good running down your throat. Salty crackers are like caviar and if you’re hanging with Koreans, you’re gonna drink soju, get wacky and have a wail of a time.

2: You can fly so high

Whether you’re hiking up the steps of the Eiffel Tower or pulling on your dear legs in the Himalayas, seeing something from a bird’s eye view is sweet. Life gets a whole lot better when you can see something from many different perspectives. Just when you thought you knew a place, seeing it from a different angle opens up a whole new world.

1: No pain no gain

For me, hiking represents what life is all about. You need to work hard to get what you want. You need to put in time and effort. However tired you may feel or unsure what step to take next, you keep going. You keep going up and keep persevering because in the end, you’re gonna reach something really freaking cool. When you hit the top and you’re finished? You walk back down and plan your next amazing challenge. Always keep yourself challenged, push yourself and you will achieve the best you can.

Wanna see what hiking Teacake has been up to recently?

I’ve been doing lots in China and having a blast! I’ve climbed the most dangerous trail in China, been on top of the world in Xingping and stood in a lifetime’s worth of whitey goodness at the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces.

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5 Reasons why I love hiking

Have your say! Why do you love hiking? Share your thoughts below!  Teacake wants to know!

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  1. Wannabeworldtraveler
    Wannabeworldtraveler says:

    F= Friends!

    Friends to enjoy that questionable food and alcohol with. Friends to dance around the bonfire with. Friends to give you a hand when your feet feel like lead. Friends to take that awesome selfie with at the top of the hill.

    For me, the most memorable parts of the trip are always the friends, new and old.

    Cheers Miss Teacake!

  2. Wannabeworldtraveler
    Wannabeworldtraveler says:

    You missed one key thing Miss Teacake…. it starts with an “F”. What could that be?

    One of the best things I have ever tasted in my life was a bowl of instant ramen noodles when returning to camp famished after a night hike.


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