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Do you like craft beer? Do you like women? Of course you do! Congratulations! You have just discovered Palawan’s FIRST and ONLY craft brewery AND it’s operated by women! Huzzah! I went down there to meet these lovely ladies and see what’s up!

Beer No Beer

What’s the Ayahay Palaweno Brewery story?

Malu and Ayah have been creatively brewing and trying out their Palawan island beers for a couple of years now.  For the first year, it was a whole lot of trial and error.  They learnt to ‘drink their mistakes away’ and ummmmmm ‘drink their successes’ too. Damn I wish I had had that job.  They pretty much had endless beer parties for a whole year with friends.  Malu and Ayah, I could have been one of those friends!

They perfected their mind-bending booze and lo and behold, they have set up their own bar and brewery on Manalo street for everyone to come and join the beer party. Rest assured, teacake tried them all and they are soooooooo good.

Ayahay Palaweno Brewery

What’s on the menu?

Ayahay Palaweno Brewery Menu


Ayahay Palaweno Brewery Variety

Every bottle is A.W.E.S.O.M.E

How do they make it?

They’re not gonna tell me or you but I got let into the magic factory.Here is where the good stuff happens.

Ayahay Palaweno Brewery Brewing Room

The magic room

What’s outside?

These ladies know what’s up and they even trust you to drink outside in their lovely beer garden.

Beer Posters

We’ve all been here

Ayahay Palaweno Brewery Beer Garden

They even have a garden and stage for super cool music

What’s going on inside?

The beer works. Me and my friends can totally vouch for that.

Sober as a nun: not

Sober as a nun: not

Where can i find these superwomen?

Malu and Ayah

Malu and Ayah

Ayahay Palaweno Brewery is just a short walk from the Baywalk and Cathedral!  Puerto Princesa is fantastically manageable like that. You can easily walk around from A to B.

Malu and Ayah

Mobile: 0917 898 8525

Landline: 048 725 6950

Facebook: www.facebook.com/palawanbrewery

Website: www.ayahaycraftbeer.com

Email: ayahaybeer@gmail.com

Address: 82 Manalo Street, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300

Go forth and be merry! Hurrah for craft beer made by women!

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Ayahay Brewery Palawan Philippines

Readers: What has been your most favourite drinking hole that you’ve found whilst on your travels?

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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    It is I, the fella trying to hold up the ceiling, just look at the stress on my neck in managing such a feat, why am I doing that? Nice write-up, tickled the ribs, and needless to say the group photo cracked me up, more so Batman, why is he doing that? In fact why do we all look paralytic and confused bar the blonde gal – did she put something (Spike) the brew?

    I am sure the Ladies loved the Blog, and thanks for supporting the Islands BEER, the Craft beer, not the nasty stuff. If anyone is coming our way (Palawan that is), pop by, I should still be propping up the sky, at times just one handed as I need to sup the Beer…


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