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Wanna pack like a pro? Teacake has the answers. You’ll be able to go from A to B effortlessly without a) looking like a turtle/snail and b) wishing you had worked out at the gym so you can carry everything you have + the kitchen sink. Here’s TeacakeTravels ultimate backpacking packing list for Asia regardless of whether you’re going for one month or one year: this will do you just fine.

The Ultimate Backpacking List for Asia


A 32 litre backpack: TRUST ME, the smaller your bag, the less you’ll pack, the more comfortable you’ll be and the easier it will be on transport. With this size, you won’t have to pay any luggage fees on the plane either

Passport: You ain’t getting anywhere without this mate


5 pairs of underwear

5 pairs of socks

2 bras

Swim stuff

A long sleeved t shirt: protect yourself from the sun / don’t be a cheese grater if you fall off that bike!

2 t-shirts

2 vest tops

1 pair of leggings

1 pair of baggy hippy traveller pants

1 pair of shorts

1 skirt

A thin jumper / cardigan / fleece

Party dress: to party like it’s 1999

Flip flops: to be a beach bum

Closed toe sneakers / trainers: because motorbiking with flip flops may result in being a four-toed toad

Sunglasses: be a hipster

Travel towel: get a quick-drying thin one so you’re not hanging around waiting for it to dry like it’s paint

Day bag: sling it over your shoulder and pop out without that backpack always being on your back


Blow up neck pillow: don’t be a pain in the neck

Eye mask: maybe you don’t want to be looking at other people

Ear plugs: maybe you don’t want to be hearing other people


Mini torch (a wind-up one is the way to go): no one wants to pee in the dark

Plug adapter:  plug it in wherever you want baby

Camera: take photos, lots of them…so you can inspire others :D

Phone: a simple Nokia one will do to call your backpacker mates

Kindle / Tablet / Laptop: read lots of cool books / blog / skype / facebook / twitter hurrah!

Chargers/Batteries: there’s nothing worse then bringing the item and forgetting the wire!

Protect Yourself

Electronic copies: flight tickets / passport / drivers licence / credit and debit cards / insurance – if stuff goes tits up, you’ll have these to save your ass. I email mine to myself and also have a backup on Dropbox. I also store and regularly back up my photos on here – I’ve had many traveller friends lose their photos! Some make sure to take out the storage card before they get on transport so that if the camera gets taken, their memories don’t.

Lock and key:  lots of hostels provide the locker but not the lock

Money belt: Wear a neck or waist one under your clothes – if you’re a lady and like wearing bras, lucky you has an extra money belt right there

Zip lock bags: separate your dirty clothes / keep electronics dry / store food nom nom

Condoms: pack your favourites if you really need to or just wait and buy them at your destination

Secret Weapons

Multifunctional headwear buff: keep your hair looking half-decent / protect your face / look badass on a bike / please don’t rob a bank

Bulldog clips: keep your snacks closed and fresh / hang up your washing / keep your wires organsied / keep papers together = bulldog clips are freaking awesome

Square scarf: get a thin but mahoosive one so you can wear it on the beach / dry yourself off / put it over dodgy bed mattresses / use it as a blanket / sit on it / stop monks from seeing how wonderfully enticing you are in a temple

One luxury item

For me it’s makeup and a super comfy sleeping bag when I’m rocking out in my tent. Here’s a lovely one from Outwell to do the trick! What’s your luxury item?


Guidebook: not for everyone but I love them


Dive Mask:  Lots of divers like to use their own


Multifunctional headwear buff


YOU DON’T NEED Hiking boots / sticks: they’re obviously awesome but you can hike without them


Long sleeved t-shirt

Long pants / leggings

Multifunctional headwear buff

Don’t drive like a dick on crack

Once you get there

Tiger balm: Lifesaver! Burns / bites / weird itchy skin – this is the magic stuff

Antibacterial hand gel: No need to be a germphobe but it’s definitely useful

Tissues: because wiping your booty with leaves can kinda suck

Pen and paper: as a woman, it’s always good to leave a note in your room to let people know where you’re off to – if you get a bit lost, they’ll have an idea

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The Ultimate Backpacking List for Asia

Have I missed anything out? What are your secret weapons? Do you take a luxury item with you?

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    • Alice Teacake
      Alice Teacake says:

      You’re welcome! This list will be undergoing a big update in a couple of weeks. My travel gear has morphed and naturally changed. Got some right old goodies to add to the list!

  1. Kendall
    Kendall says:

    For the girlies I can not stress enough the awesomeness of a Diva or Moon Cup. There are many brands, and if you’ve tried one that didn’t work, try again. They are small, easily packable and you can do everything and anything in them.

    I also love having my own water bottle. Many places have water filters where you can refill your bottle. It really reduces your carbon footprint from all of the plastic bottles you’d use otherwise. Plus if you add a carabiner to it you’ll be able to clip it right to your bag. I carry mine empty through security and refill it before I get on the plane. That way I can stay hydrated without constantly bothering the attendants.

    Carabiners are hard to come by when you travel, I recommend at least one as you travel.


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