11 Ways To Make Money For Travel Before You Go

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Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to travel! One thing though…you’re going to need MONEY to get you there. I’ve told you how to travel Europe for free and travel forever once you’re on the road but unless you plan to hitchhike and sleep under the stars, you’re going to need to make money for travel beforehand. Saving money for travelling can be a pain in the butt. Here are 11 easy and awesome ways to make money for travel right now!

make money for travel

Make Money For Travel

1.Know What You’re Spending

Time to get focused. Before you go any further, write down what you are spending weekly. Do you have direct debits? Write that down. Are you paying for student loans, rent, utilities, transport costs, social activities, your weekly food shop, the gym? Sometimes we have no idea what we’re spending. If this is the case for you, keep track of yourself this week and see what comes up. You’ll learn a lot!

After writing your list, cancel everything you don’t need (be strict and honest with yourself) and write down the exact amount of money you do need to pay your essentials.

2.Set Up A Travel Bank Account

Put ALL of your extra money, after you’ve deducted your essentials, in a savings account. Out of sight, out of mind, that dream trip you’ve always wanted is going to come sooner with your money ready and waiting!

If you’re wondering how much you need to save in the first place, this Budget Calculator is a lifesaver.

Right, let’s get started on how to make money for travel!

make money for travel

Cut Back On Spending

You gotta do it. If you want to make money for travel, you need to reign it in. Without realising it, most of us overspend everyday. Here is what you need to watch out for.


Are you driving to work? I understand for some of you this cannot be changed (hello American friends!). Hear me out though. It may be cheaper to car share, take public transport, ride a bike or walk. Not only will you be looking after the environment and getting fitter…you are going to be saving your precious pennies.


Oh my…coffee and alcohol. It’s so good but it’s sooooo bad for your wallet.

Don’t you dare think about buying that morning coffee. Yes, I know it’s your treat, but those coffee shops are charging you way too much. $5 every work day = $100 a month = $1200 a year = 2 good months in South Asia! Make your own or if you really must go in there for your morning fix, get the cheapest one: ‘Expresso to go!’

make money for travel

Alcohol. Yes, it may make you dance like Shakira (never a bad thing) and it may help you tell that person you have a crush on that you think they’re awesome. Yet, if you want to make money for travel, go cold turkey or get some bevvies from the supermarket. You’ll save so much money you’ll be laughing.

One more thing! Water! Do not buy bottles of water! Use a reusable water filter like Water To Go (Teacake readers get 15% off at checkout with code TEACAKE15).

Oh…and if you smoke, it’s time to quit those nicotine sticks too.


It’s time to throw the takeaway menus in the bin and delete your local pizza delivery’s number from your phone. Roll up your sleeves and put the apron on babe because it’s time to make your own lunch and meals.

At the start of every week make a meal plan and stick to it. Extra bonus: you’ll be eating healthier and losing those extra pounds if your body feels it needs to.

make money for travel

6.Clothes, Accessories and Beauty Buys

We all want to look good and look after ourselves, but there are cheaper ways to do it. Are you working out at the gym? Cancel your gym membership. There are so many ways you can work out at home and outdoors in the park using your own body weight.

If you’re getting your hair cut every 6 weeks, make that time 2 months. You can easily get away with that. Are you dying your hair? Do it yourself or go natural. Much cheaper!

When clothes shopping, think second-hand rather than buying everything new. I got some awesome travel gear through clothes swaps and grabbing deals on Amazon. Only buy necessities. Ask yourself, ‘Do I need it?’ If the answer is no, put it down and walk away.

When it’s time to leave, check out my backpacking packing list for essential gear and my travel gifts for women which will really help maximise your travel experience!

Travel Insurance

7.Sell Unwanted Items

Get selling your unwanted clutter online for extra cash.  If you don’t already have one, set yourself up with an eBay account. It is free to join (so no excuses). You can then sell your old clothes, books, electrical items etc on there or Gumtree. You can even set up a yard sale.

make money for travel

8.Find A Roommate

If you do have your own place, you could open up a spare room and make money from it on AirBNB. It’s a great way to make money with a resource you already have and you’ll meet other people travelling, which is a true inspiration!

Talking about your own house…cut back on your utility bills by making sure you only have the heating on when you need it, your lights on when you really need them and all of those electronics off when you’re not using them!

9.Get A Second Job

Make use of your spare time and get a second job. If you have a Monday to Friday job, then why not get a second job at the weekend? Or look for freelance work on websites like Fiverr or Upwork. Or you could simply do extra handy man work, some babysitting or become a tour guide in your local area.

You can leave for your travels even earlier if you want to travel and work at the same time too. I funded my first 5 years of travel by Teaching English Abroad and loved it!

10.Look For Bargains

There are also, plenty of ways to save money when it comes to booking your travel. Always look for deals and make use of comparison websites.

I love using my Skyscanner app to find the best flight deals daily. Download the Skyscanner app here!

For accommodation, I recommend using Agoda for hotels and Hostelworld for hostels.

If you’re not signed up to AirBNB yet, you can also get $37 in travel credit free from me right here!

11.Stay Focused & Remind Yourself Why You Want To Travel

Living in a materialistic world is hard, especially if your friends are the types who want to go out for meals, have drinks on the town and buy the latest fashions on their next shopping spree. Constantly remind yourself why you want to travel and wake up every morning with this goal, to change your life, firmly in your mind.

Good luck traveller! I’ll see you on beach!

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24 thoughts on “11 Ways To Make Money For Travel Before You Go”

  1. Stay focused is the most important! So often life can get in the way and you end up distracted – stay focused – buy the ticket – leave – never return!!!

  2. Awesome ideas for making money for travel! We used many of these tips ourselves – especially the selling of items, that’s how we made a good chunk of change :)

    • Ditto! I sold a ton of stuff before I left – the most hilarious thing was probably my car being stolen though. It was used in a high speed car chase after a bank robbery. Car insurance paid out way more than I originally paid for it. Now that’s a way to sell you stuff before you leave haha!

  3. Some fantastic tips here … there are always ways to cut down and live more frugally to save for travel :) Getting a travel specific bank account is a really great way to stay on track and make sure you don’t go backwards :)

  4. I’m sorry, but did you just tell me to trim my wine budget?!?! Whatttt?!?!?!?!?!??! Actually, these are all excellent tips, but for sure, the strongest tip is knowing what you’re spending to start with. For realz, we spent one night analyzing our budget and within two months had a new surplus that got us plane tickets.

  5. Great tips for saving money for travels. I do some of these when I can like bike to work. Some of my goals for the upcoming year is to sell old stuff off, donate stuff I never use, and drink less. I think it will put me in a better space to travel.

  6. Nice hacks for saving and traveling. There are only two ways one can manage the finances for travel. Cut down on expenses or increase your income. Ideally a balance of both is what one needs to aim for.

  7. The problem with these kinds of lists is that they always somehow assume that I’m spending 5 euros on coffee every day :D It’s hard to cut down on what you’re spending if you’re not really spending that much in the first place. However, there are some other great tips on this list that I think will be very useful! My personal way of saving is just working my ass off, I’m working three jobs right now and one of them (transcription work) is actually one where I can fully decide how much I want to work, and it pays all right if I’m quick. Students might also want to look into grants and scholarships – I’m currently waiting to hear if I’m getting one :)

  8. Those are all great tips. Not spending money on alcohol makes such a big difference! Looking back a few years, I cannot believe the amount of cash I wasted on going clubbing/ drinking.

    I also think it’s important to be aware of the fact that travel doesn’t have to cost much. In fact, you can pretty much travel for free if you choose to hitchhike and do couchsurfing. Of course some things you can’t get around, like spending money on visas (ugh) or food (although sometimes people feed you when you’re hitchhiking, especially in Asia). Workaway is also a great way to cut costs while travelling, it often also comes with free food

    • Hahaha hey Shannon! Ah dear that’s so funny >< I think we all have something to treat ourselves and sometimes we just can't help it. Be money conscious but don't scrimp on treat happiness :D

  9. I love your blog!!! These are such helpful tips!! I have been using the Mint app which is incredibly helpful for saving and budgeting.


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