How To Stop Going On 'Holiday' And Start Travel Full Time

By Alice Teacake

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We’ve all experienced it. You’re in the perfect destination, filled with interesting people, mind-blowing views, unique cultural experiences and insanely delicious food! Yet, the time you’ve scheduled to catch that plane home is fast approaching. Argh!

Next time you’re somewhere remarkable and you don’t want to leave, consider something crazy: don’t. I’m serious. If you believe you’re where you need to be and you’re a happier, healthier person for it…stay.

Travel Full Time

I know what you’re thinking. You planned it out. One week is all you’re allowed. You can’t stay longer. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. There may be a million things stopping you from simply staying: your family and friend’s expectations, society’s expectations, your student loan, your hamster called Nibbles who is waiting for you at home.

Yet, consider these four reasons to extend your holiday and start travel full time. It’s time to live the life you really want and seriously start thinking about how you’re going to do it.

Travel Full Time

First Of All…Your Travel Experience Will Change…For The Better

Up to this point, experiencing a new country was surely a thrill. But once you make the choice to extend your trip, your entire experience will change. With a week or less in a new place, you’re most likely going to be visiting the main attractions. Whether these are tourist traps or underground hotspots, they’re not the real experience—what the city is actually like.

How to learn new language fast

The longer you stay, the more you’ll get to know your destination as locals do. I purposely decided to move to, live and work in South Korea when I first started travelling. It changed my life.

I’m going to be completely honest with you here. I had no idea what South Korea was like. That was the thrill of it. I didn’t know how amazing kimchi was. I was yet to experience the cult activity of KTV (Karaoke). Kpop was the latest breakfast cereal for all I knew and how obsessed I was going to become about Hello Kitty could never have been predicted. Teaching English Abroad was the best decision I ever made and I continue to wax lyrical about my love for South Korea whilst I travel full time – even though I left 3 years ago now *boohoo*

travel full time

Extra time will allow for more exploration of small neighborhoods and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. You’ll see where families go to have fun and what public events are like. More time simply means more. Way more.

Money Doesn’t Have to Be an Issue

One reason to return home is because you’re running out of money. After the Mongol Rally I was broke and trying to get home through Europe for free was an interesting challenge!

I’m always working on ways to make money for travel and pick up the latest tips and tricks on how to make that money last. Yes, I know some of us really don’t have enough money. Travel IS still possible though. You’re just not going to be sipping champagne on a yacht OK. Instead, you may be eating a delicious curry made by an Indian grandma in the back streets of a local community whilst couchsurfing with your local host. It is hard to be a goodie-two-shoe-saving traveller sometimes. Sometimes I just have to buy that super cool scarf, that map (I have a map obsession) and buy that fifth beer at the bar *hic*. Just because you’ve spent what you budgeted for…doesn’t mean your trip has to be over though.

Travel Europe For Free

If you want to travel full time, there are many ways to make money abroad. I’ve focused on Teaching English and Travel Blogging so far but there are lots of other options out there!

Companies like Australia-based Workfast allow you to earn some extra cash and I think they’re a great way to continue travelling forever and ever. The website is a job board, interview tool and payment method rolled into one. Apply to jobs, complete the work and get paid—all through the app. Sweet!

You’ll Be Able to Really Relax

When you have a limited amount of time during your travels, you try to see as much as you can. This means early mornings, days packed with activities and late nights. But extending your trip can give you time to relax. Mmmm……relaaaaax.

Teacake Travels in the Philippines

The longer you stay, the more relaxed you can get. Spread out your adventures. Take time for yourself. The last thing you want is travel burnout. Go for a walk and don’t worry about the destination. If you get lost, wander until you find something familiar or until you get tired of exploring. You’ll see sides of the area you never would have otherwise—and the calming effects will rejuvenate you for when you do return home.

Time Won’t Stand Still

Possibly the biggest reason to extend your vacation is because time will never stand still. If you leave, the trip ends—and you’ll never get it back. While you’ll still have memories in your mind, you may regret rushing through your destination. Don’t cheat yourself out of time!

Teacake tops the world

Welcome To Travel Full Time

Life is short. Do the things you want to do and have no regrets. You’ll be much happier knowing you fulfilled your every wish rather than regretting the things you didn’t do. Am I right?! Give me a hell yeah!

What are your dreams? Is travel full time within your heart’s desire? Get it! It’s time to leave home and travel now!

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How To Stop Going On ‘Holiday’ And Start Travel Full Time

  • Great article! We are just leaving our jobs now and beginning our two year journey sailing around the world on our sailboat. I hope we can inspire others as much as you inspire us!

  • Traveling teaches the best lessons of the life. Glad to know that you’re living your dreams. I’m also thinking of quitting everything and going for a full time traveling. Let’s see!

  • Indeed, living abroad is an enriching experience that also enables you to see far more of the world. In fact, I would say that you end up getting deeper insights into local culture.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • I wish you all the best in life and may you get all your heart desires:) It’s a big beautiful world but very dangerous as well. You take care out there… xoxo

  • I love the ability to travel for longer but I know that some people enjoy just a week or two to break away from what they also love to do in whichever career they have chosen. I do think it is personal preference and whilst I enjoy travelling I also enjoy relaxing at home as well and home will always be where my family are.