22 Of The Best Travel Gifts Women Need In Their Life

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Looking for the best travel gifts women adventurers need in their life? If anyone knows what fierce solo female travellers want, Teacake does. It’s time to show the wander woman in your life how much you care. Whatever your budget, I’ve got the perfect travel gifts for you right here (and if you’re shopping for a dude, no sweat, most of the stuff here is perfect for him too!)

The best travel gifts women need in their life

Here’s a list of my favourite travel gifts women should love just as much! With a mix of quirky, tech and creative products, I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking. Read on to solve your gift dilemma right here right now.

Kindle Paperwhite

The latest and greatest Kindle to come out on the market, this e-reader will allow the savvy girl traveller to pack smart and still swot up with her travel guides! The Kindle Paperwhite boasts an amazing screen resolution, a new innovative easy-to-read font, no glare in the sun, a seriously long battery life and it’s super lightweight.

Treat yourself to a Kindle Paperwhite here

best travel gift women

Peak Design Camera Backpack

I’ve been experimenting with different camera backpacks over the years. With a waxed canvas materials, plenty of room for my camera gear, laptop and personal items and adjustable/removable interior dividers, there’s some great companies out there for photographers and travellers who want a well-organised carry on or day pack.

I’ve tried out ONA, Gandys and PinqPonq in the past but I’m currently in love and sticking to Peak Design.

Check out Peak Design backpacks here.

best travel gifts women

Solis Hotspots WiFi

Never be out of touch with your girl warrior again. It’s easier than ever to get online around the world with Solis Hotspots and their 24/7 WiFi hotspot. With global coverage and unlimited data, she’ll be able to surf the internet and stay in touch with you whilst she’s away making waves in the world (10% off code TEACAKETRAVELS at checkout).

Invest in portable WiFi here

best travel gifts women

JAVOedge Travel Set

Javodedge have some super cute travel luggage sets and they’re the perfect way to wave goodbye to your female adventurer by making sure she knows where she lives and actually has a passport in that holder.

Find all the cool JAVOedge travel sets here

best travel gifts women

GoPro Hero 8 Black

The newest and most badass Go Pro camera is here! The GoPro Hero 8 Black has made me one happy adventurer. I can take the most amazing photos and selfies with it, capture the most riveting adventure moments and it’s also an excellent camera for vlogging!

There’s plenty of accessories to add on to it, and the video quality is consistently complimented upon by my viewers.

Get your GoPro Hero 8 Black here

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Ravpower External Battery Charger

With a die-hard 22000mAh capacity, you can charge up to 3 devices at once and recharge them again and again and again until you have to boost this beauty up again. The RavPower Battery Pack got me and the whole of my my amazing all-girl team through the Mongol Rally and it’s still fresh as a daisy. Looking for something smaller? RavPower have plenty of charging levels and battery sizes.

The most powerful charger I’ve come across yet!

Invest in a RavPower battery charger here

best travel gifts women

Luckies Of London Travel Journal

Luckies Of London has some pretty snazzy travel stationary going on and this Travel Journal is top notch.

Full of tips and advice, scratch maps, planning checklists and lots of space to write her experiences, she will love this sentimental travel gift hands down.

Buy a Luckies of London Travel Journal here

best travel gifts women

World Nomads Travel Insurance

Don’t let her leave the house without travel insurance! Yes, nothing unfortunate may happen but if it does, she’ll be eternally grateful that you went ahead and bought it. I’ve been caught out a couple of times and trust World Nomads Travel Insurance everytime to make sure I’m covered.

Get a World Nomads Travel Insurance quote here

best travel gifts women

Leatherman Wave Multi Tool

Girls need tools too and this Leatherman Wave multi tool is one of the best gifts for world travelers for any adventure they undertake. It has 17 tools including pliers, cutters, knives, scissors, a can opener, a bottle opener (anyone for a bottle of wine?) and screwdrivers.

She’ll be prepared anytime, using it way more than she originally thought she would.

Check Leatherman Wave prices here

best travel gifts women

Essential Oils Set

My word, travel is glorious but it sure can be stressful too. Don’t underestimate the power of essential oils for sorting your womanhood out. An essential oils kit has everything to keep an adventurer’s inner goddess in tip top shape.

My Mongol Rally teammate Tabitha got me on to this type of medicine, and I’m eternally grateful for discovering the healing properties of various essential oils. Lavender and Tea Tree are within my favourites, but there’s so much more.

Check essential oil set prices here

Bottles of essential oils amongst flowers and herbs
Essential oils are an excellent backpack essential which heal a variety of travelling ailments

Canvas Pin World Map

Is she taking a travel break, documenting her adventures or wander-lusting about her travel bucket list? Help her feel inspired with this brilliant canvas world map. I have one hanging up in my bedroom and love waking up to it every morning. It reminds me what adventures I have achieved and all of the amazing ones that are coming up.

Get your pin map here

Pin Adventure Canvas Map
Pin Adventure Canvas Map

Osprey Backpack

If the lady in your life is a hiker, she is going to absolutely love Osprey Backpacks. They create fantastic backpacks especially for women, in all shapes and sizes. If I’m going on a ramble, hike or epic trek, I always take my Osprey Backpack with me.

I recommend the Osprey Kyte 36

Alice Teacake looking out to the Dolomites with a blue Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack on her back
I love my Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack! Photo credit @kim.ou on Instagram

Travel Neck Pillow

Every woman I’ve spoken to says she NEEDS one of these. We all need our beauty sleep and long journeys on planes, boats and trains needs some neck pillow love.

There’s plenty of brands out there offering some cushioning.

Take a look on Amazon here

best travel gifts women
CC image courtesy of Jennifer Phalka on Flickr

Self Defense Online Course

The biggest investment I have made throughout my travels is learning self defense. Friends and family are naturally concerned about safety whilst travelling. Give yourself peace of mind and empower the women in your life by inviting them to study self defense!

They will learn so many amazing techniques and become naturally more confident and empowered as a result.

Invest in Girls Kickass Self Defense Course here

Full length portrait of female in casual clothing walking down the street with confidence
Gift her with self defense skills to walk down the street with confidence

Water To Go Water Filter Bottle

If you want a Christmas travel gift that she will use again and again AND save money, then go for a Water To Go water filter bottle. Wherever she is, from mountain rivers to city public bathrooms, she’ll be able to get clean, fresh drinking water every time with this filtered water bottle.

Get a Water To Go Water Filter bottle here

best travel gifts women

Cocoon Grid It Organizer

The feeling of being organised is such a freeing and calming one. The Cocoon Grid It Organizer is the answer to your luggage prayers. It can be arranged any way she wishes to fit her personal items. It comes in a variety of sizes and slides perfectly into her luggage. Sorted!

Find the perfect Grid It Organiser here

best travel gifts women

Scrubba Laundry Bag

For those ladies out there who like to keep it clean, the Scrubba Wash Bag is one of the practical best travel gifts women want.

It allows you to wash your clothes anywhere, anytime for free. Ideal for when she’s really in the outdoors, this bag is a top notch portable washing machine.

Get your Scrubba washing bag here

best travel gifts women

USB Tassel Keychain

With all these awesome travel gadgets, a girl’s gotta keep charging her gear and this USB Tassel Keychain will help her do just that.

The clever design means an end to messy, tangled cables in her bag or purse.

Find the USB Tassel Keychain on Amazon

best travel gifts women

Instax Mini Camera

Do not underestimate the power of this travel gift for her! If she’s a little bit of a shy traveller, taking someone’s photo and physically being able to give them the result will break any ice – and locals will love her forever for it!

Out of all the best travel gifts women need, the Instax Mini 8 Camera is my secret weapon in my backpack and it should be hers too.

Treat her to an Instax Mini Camera here

best travel gifts women

Wonderlust Perfume

I’m usually hiking mountains and rolling in mud on a bike but for those times where I really want some luxury, it’s wonderful to treat myself to a splash of perfume. Michael Kors Wonderlust Perfume is a lovely choice for it’s on-point branding.

Check Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume price here

best travel gifts women

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

On the beach, in the mountains, in the wettest parts of the world (and yes, in your hotel shower), having a JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which is hard as nails, is a wonderful gift for a female traveller. It’s loud, waterproof and compatible with all devices. Rock on ladies!

Get your JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker here

Lily Cup Menstrual Cup

If you’re not embarrassed to give it as a gift (and you really shouldn’t be) go ahead and give a girl a mighty eco-friendly, economical way to manage her moon days.

She’ll never have to spend money on those evil sanitary product companies ever again. There are different brands out there but my favourite by far is the Lily Cup which comes in two different shapes and sizes to fit your inner power.

Invest in a Lily Cup here

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  1. Hey Alice,

    Fantastic list! I’m always looking for these types of lists to send to my mom for my Christmas gifts! I love the look of the Scrubba, even when you’re not o n a multi-day hike, we all need clean undies! And a water bottle with a built in filter? Yes please! I hate buying endless bottles of water, and then knowing those plastic bottles end up in the garbage! Hope you get some of these for Christmas yourself,

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    • Hey Emily! I use my Water To Go Bottle A LOT! Travellers don’t always realise how much $$$ they’re spending on buying water. This solves everything and YES, it’s so freaking good for the environment!

  2. This is such a great list! Thank you for sharing! I plan on going full-time travel/rving at the end of next year and I’ve just pinned over half of these items! haha

  3. Last year I gave myself a diva cup as a Christmas present (is it bad to buy Christmas presents for yourself?) – best decision ever! It’s so useful while travelling! You never have to worry about where you can buy tampons from (note: not that tiny village in the middle of nowhere in India, they don’t sell that there) or try and find a trash can in a dirty bus stop bathroom haha. It has also saved me a lot of money already. I would definitely recommend getting a diva cup to all women who travel (and also those who don’t actually!).

    Oh and I’d love to get a Polaroid camera, they’re so adorable! Nice list Alice :)


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