10 Upcoming Feminist Solo Female Travel Bloggers To Follow

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In 2015 I started my solo travel blog Teacake Travels with a clear mission: to empower women to face their fears, push their boundaries and reach their full potential through travel. These last 8 years of solo travel have completely changed me as a woman.

If I hadn’t listened to my guts, I’d be living life in an unfulfilling parallel universe right now. I’d still be doing what is expected of me rather than listening to my own passions, aspirations and goals in life. In that parallel life, I’d still be telling myself that I can’t, shouldn’t and couldn’t.

Teacake Travels

Yet, I’m in this universe. A universe where by taking the risk to go out there and embrace the world as a solo girl, I’ve learnt just how much I am capable of and am progressively becoming the woman I aspire to be. I now know who I am, what I love, what I want and how precious saying ‘f**k it’ really is.

10 Upcoming Feminist Solo Female Travel Bloggers to Follow

However much you may wish to (or do) travel alone as a solo female traveler, remember this: you can never become the best you can be by yourself. It is through the love, guidance, strength and rock-solid support of others that women traveling alone will be able to get to the next level – and my word, there are so many solo girl blogs about lady travel which will empower you!

You may already be aware of the top bloggers in the world such as The Blonde Abroad and Adventurous Kate, but some of the best travel blogs are way more underground than this. Out of the thousands of blogs for women travel out there – here are my top 10 feminist solo female travelers who have been rocking my world.

A Woman Afoot

40+ Ioana got on to my radar when she started commenting on my articles on Facebook, and I’ve been delving into her blog ever since. If you’re looking for an incredibly inspirational and reflective solo female hiker, who will encourage you to hit the trails regardless of your shape, colour or age – this is the solo female traveller for you.

Solo female travel bloggers to follow
Ioanna from A Woman Afoot

It’s not all just mountains and camping too. A Woman Afoot tackles the real shiz. She talks about mental health, body-acceptance, feminism, women’s rights (and handling a gluten-free diet!). She also openly talks about her severe social anxiety, being on the autistic spectrum and how hiking has saved her sanity. ‘Hiking is not just for white guys’ she says. Damn straight girl. You deserve a place in the best blogs for women.

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20-something Safia is one third superhero, one third rock star and one third just plain badass and exotic (Syrian-Canadian mix for the win). For the absolute best in epic motorcycle road trips, this girl’s blog takes single women travel to a whole new level. This quirky and creative creature started commenting on my articles a couple of years ago on Facebook and with that pink hair of hers burning through my retinas, I just had to go and take a look.

motorcycle travel blog
Vagabondess – Photography by Pachakuteq Visuals

After impulsively buying a motorcycle on a whim (nicknamed Cardinal) she motorbiked around the US for 6 months and learnt a ton! Oh, and she just happened to fly off to pre-revolution Egypt too for a year at the age of 19 (and grow up in Saudi Arabia and Jordan). She literally oozes freedom and embraces what we all should be doing on this planet: the kindness of others and herself.

Head over to her site and be prepared to come out the other side with your inner feminine guns blazing. This woman is gold!

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Adriana reminds us that it’s OK to be a traveler who is black, woman, and solo; a stigma that’s still around (seriously world, when are you gonna catch up?) that deters many women from traveling. Yet, Adriana encourages us all to take an “I do as I please” attitude going forwards. For all you solo (black) women travelers out there who want to make solo travel possible – Adriana has got your back.

Solo female travel bloggers to follow
Adriana from Travepreneur

Her personal knowledge of “traveling while black” and the challenges she has faced as a woman are out there for you to read and feel empowered. I bet you’ll learn a lot! Black women are unfortunately dealing with increased discrimination and harassment for their hair, skin color, or gender. And, sometimes, these stories or difficulties get overlooked in the travel industry.

Adriana doesn’t ignore them. She acknowledges them and gets them right out there.

She has produced solo travel for women guides, black girl solo travel destination-inspiration, empowerment tools, and tailored resources for her Solo Queens. She’s honest, upfront and is doing an awesome job in transforming fear and confusion into confidence and certainty. Keep it up Adriana! Read: The Black Woman’s Guide to Solo Traveling

Table for One

How do you feel about asking for a table for one in a restaurant? Sophie couldn’t give a monkeys. Sophie’s travel journey began four days before her 30th birthday when she hopped on a one-way flight to Argentina and headed off on the best and most disastrous adventure of her life. While travelling she started Table for One to share her hilarious travel capers.

Solo female travel bloggers to follow
Sophie from Table for One

On her blog, she shares embarrassing stories, and rants about the perils of backpacking and language learning. Sometimes solo travel isn’t a walk in the park eh Sophie?

Sophie is fiercely supportive of a woman’s right to travel wherever and whenever she wants, and she strongly believes that women should be able to travel without fear. She also talks about body positivity and what it’s like to backpack in your 30s (it’s awesome), among countless other funny and thought-provoking topics.

Sophie writes honestly about her real travel experiences, good and bad, and she’s making an effort to speak truthfully with a vulnerability that other female solo travelers and digital nomads can relate to.

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Watch Me See

Kathi is a total sweetpea. Just look at that smile! When you take a look at her blog, you can see straightaway that this is a blog about hiking in Scotland. It will help you plan your trip to Scotland, explore off the beaten path regions and get the most out of a limited amount of time in the country (cool!). But, when you start delving into it, it’s so much more than that. Kathi’s blog is a lovely combo of travelling, hiking and feminism thrown into one.

solo trips for females
Kathi from Watch Me See

Austrian Kathi is on a mission to encourage people who feel marginalised in the outdoors, to reclaim that space and get outside. Yas!

Kathi has guts. Last year she solo-hiked the Hebridean Way – a 2-week journey across 10 Scottish islands which found her wild-camping on lonely beaches and hitch-hiking on small back country roads. Since then, she has hiked alone in the Scottish Highlands and wrote about her experiences with the intersection of hiking and feminism. She’s also co-founded an online community for women (trans-inclusive) and non-binary people in Scotland who love hiking and being outdoors!

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Hey Ciara

20-something Texas girl Ciara is brill. After she left home as part of a study abroad program, to teach basic accounting concepts to indigenous communities in Panama, it dawned on her that travel is the best thing ever. ‘I love walking into the unknown’ she says.

travel blog sites
Ciara from Hey Ciara

Next was India, then South Africa and she’s been going ever since. Like many of us, she has had to deal with the expectations society has, and has had to ask herself ‘Do I leave behind what’s right, normal and stable?’. Taking that leap of faith can be so freaking scary, but she did it. And she did it good!

Ciara is an Insta-babe waving the flag for women of colour in her stunning pictures, with a ton of awesome captions and thoughts attached to them. I urge you to delve into them first. She’s got the microblogging on Instagram down to a T.

Read on her blog: How to get the courage to take your first solo trip

Quirky Globetrotter

Meet Martha. She’s a Minnesota-born American babe who really relishes Mother Nature and what this world is out to offer us. She just scoops all the goodness up, and puts herself to the test throughout it all. She’s my kinda girly blog. ‘Driven and engaged are two words that describe me well’ she says. ‘Every morning I wake up intending to conquer my goals and challenges’. You go sister.

solo female traveller blog
Martha from Quirky Globetrotter

Martha is on a quest to find those hidden gems we’re all trying to find and she’s doing a really good job of it! Yet underneath those travel guides, she goes even deeper into encouraging us all to travel more meaningfully. She openly talks about injustices in his world and asks us all to think carefully about our impact whilst traversing this globe.

Delve into her stories and come out feeling even more empowered.

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Comfort is for Wimps

My word where do I start with this girl. She is my hero and my fav when it comes to personal travel blogs. I tried to meet up with her in London once but it never worked out. So instead I just continue to stalk her online. She came onto my radar when someone gave me a heads up that she’d been travelling solo in Afghanistan. Since then, Jessica has been up to all sorts. Things even I think twice about.

traveling the world alone
Jessica from Comfort is for Wimps

She will take on the most outrageous opportunities, calling herself a ‘comfort zone breacher’ but underneath all that ‘bravery’ and brashness, there’s this gentle fragility which I love about her. We are all trying to understand and improve ourselves, and discover how we can be a better person on this planet, and Jessica is right there with you. She says, ‘I want to form my own opinions, judge less, empathise more and all round not be unpleasant’. Can’t argue with that.

I couldn’t decide whether I should share her article about her going naked dating in London, going to a psychedelic woman’s circle or trying stand up for the first time, but in the end I chose her blog about trying out all the things she judged other people for doing. It’s bloody brilliant.

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Meander with Meg

I found Meg 1 hour ago on the internet for my *wildcard*. Thanks Google you did a good job. ‘Inspiration for fearless solo travellers’ is clearly Meg. Meg is all about the feels for solo women. I find too many people shy away from emotions, but learning to be assertive and how to communicate is one of the best life skills I’ve got under my belt. If we all just expressed how we were feeling with respect and patience, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Solo female bloggers writing about travel
Meg from Meander with Meg

Meg is all about really getting into the nitty gritty of how it feels to travel solo. And that is so important to address – because some of us can get overwhelmed with those feels and never even make it out the front door!

Backpacking English Meg has 6 years of globetrotting on her life experience resume and has done every job she’s come across to fund her next adventure. It turns out she loves tea just as much as me: yas! Like me, she’s struggled with having to say goodbye to people way too many times, has been asked where her husband is and has had to deal with people asking her when she’s going to start…you know…a real job *cough*.

It was so hard to pick just one article to recommend to you from her assortment of fantastic musings. Get lost in her words for a while if you can.

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Unearth Women

A couple of years ago, Nikki Vargas lost her job as a travel editor and was at a crossroads of sorts, looking for an epiphany at the Taj Mahal. While that was probably too much to ask for from a mere building as famous as it may be, she returned to New York and turned the lemons of her job situation into the most inspiring lemonade: Unearth Women. It’s the first print travel publication of its kind – for women, by women.

Women Solo
Nikki Vargas (left) from Unearth Women and Annika (right) from The Midnight Blue Elephant

Feeling a void in the otherwise over-saturated travel media world, her magazine inspires and empowers smart female travelers all over the globe. Her content goes far beyond your average top ten listicles (please don’t let this current listicle be called average haha) and pretty Instagram pictures.

She features incredible female writers, journalists, and photographers who write about things that really matter in this world. And it’s all from a uniquely female perspective. It is girl-power awesome sauce. So whilst not technically a solo female travel blogging venture – this just has to be on the list. Consider this an introduction to your favourite girl gang.

Unearth Women is now going into its 3rd edition and has been featured and applauded by the industry including the New York Times. They’re proving how women are finally taking the travel world by storm. I want to thank Annika (an awesome solo female travel blogger herself among these female travel blogs) for reminding me just how awesome Unearth Women are and to include them in this travel post!

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Who are your favourite solo female travel bloggers to follow?

I know I’ve missed your favourite traveller girls in the female travel solo world! If only I could list all of the amazing solo female travellers out there! Introduce yourself or your favourite inspirational top travel blogs for women below to enlighten us all.

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I look forward to discovering more kickass travelling gals!

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