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There’s so many of the best vacation spots in the world to pick from! I starting dreaming of all the places I can visit after the Mongol Rally and who better to get ideas from than my best travel buddy experts! Here’s the destinations they’re dying to get to for the first time or once again! Find out what their best vacation spots in the world are and take your pick!

North America


Semuc Champey collab

Guatemala is a nature and adventure lovers paradise with the exciting cave explorations and stunningly beautiful pools of Semuc Champey to volcano hikes up Mount Pacaya. However there are also the more sedate activities of Antigua appealing to foodies and lovers of architecture and culture and the Mayan ruins of Tikal for the history buffs. As balanced travel seekers we plan to explore all the many faces of Guatemala when we visit again later this year. If we’ve piqued your interest you can read all about our first visit on our site Live Dream Discover and stay tuned for more Guatemala adventures to come on Facebook and Twitter.

Costa Rica

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Wandering what to do in Costa Rica? This beautiful lush land of nature and wildlife! Fruitful jungles, stunning volcanoes, a strong focus on eco tourism, amazing surfing, adrenaline fuelled white rafting, scuba diving, 1000 miles of coastline and the cutest sloths you’ll ever see. I gotta get to Costa Rica! Love Teacake ♥

United States Of America

Yellowstone National Park is one hell of a natural experience. The bizarre geological formations will transport you to a completely different planet. Walking amongst active geysers, watching cave mouths breath like dragons and trekking along thriving wildlife is a thrill worth repeating. Save yourself a hefty sum visiting many parks by investing $80 in a year National Park pass. It covers entrance fees for everyone in your vehicle!


Ilullisat Groenland Travelwoman

I’m dreaming of completing the famous Arctic Circle Trail from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut on the west coast of Greenland. 180 km long and crossing through pristine wilderness, there’s no civilisation whatsoever on the way. You have to be fully equipped with the best times to visit between June and September. Besides trekking, Greenland offers unique and mesmerising scenery with stunning glaciers and huge floating icebergs. You can see eagles, reindeer herds, seals and sledge dogs too! Theresa from Travel Woman. Check out her Facebook ♥ Instagram.


I so want to return to Hawaii this year, specifically Kauai, my most favorite of the islands.  I’m missing its quiet beauty and divine temperature. It’s called “The Garden Island” and I would like to visit a few more of its wonderful organized gardens. This time, I’d like to check out ‘a doggie for the day’ from the Kauai Humane Society and take him on a hike with me. Carole from Travels With Carole is on Facebook and Twitter.


If you’re traveling with a group of people who all share different interests, Mexico is definitely the place to consider. From a ravishing night life, to breathtaking natural phenomena (swimming with sharks, cenotes, waterfalls) and unmatched cultural experiences (day of the dead, Chichen Itza) to sheer tranquility, you can find it all in Mexico.


From the national parks and stellar mountains of British Columbia to the badlands of Alberta; from the prairies of Saskatchewan to the Northern Lights in the Yukon; from the seafood of the east coast to the Arctic lands of Nunavut; we want to see as much as we can and get to know more about the history, different cultures and incredible natural beauty of our country Canada. For now, we’re looking to start by exploring our hometown and seeing Toronto’s neighbourhoods with tourists’ eyes! Check out One Modern Couple on Instagram and Twitter.

South America


keti koti scaled

A country nobody has ever heard of, it’s a former European colony, but the only one that was ruined ruled by the Dutch well into the 20th century. Surinamese food is glorious and combines very well with other cuisines like Chinese and Indonesian food. Due to its colonial past, it’s one of the most diverse countries in the world. You could stay in the capital city Paramaribo for a year and easily celebrate the Indian Holi, the Muslim Eid al-Fitr and Keti Koti, marking the end of slavery in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. This country also has a huge-ass immaculate rainforest and a sizeable sweet water reservoir, ringed by waterfalls! Iris from Mind Of A Hitchhiker . Check out her You Tube.


Think Machu Picchu is the only archaeological treasure? Think again. There’s many other ancient sights for a fraction of the time and effort to reach. Get a good introduction to Peru’s ancient cultures at the Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan (Royal Tombs of Sipan) in Lambayeque or get some epic views with a journey to Kuelap Fortress in Chachapoyas. Bonus points: a cable car is coming soon to the Kuelap area, making it even easier to reach.

Galapagos Islands

We love the underwater world a lot and cannot wait to go snorkelling with sea lions, sea turtles, reef sharks and of course get selfies with the cute Galapagos penguins and marine iguanas. Follow our adventures as we lead a luxury gay cruise to the Galapagos in October! You can check out more of the Nomadic Boys on Facebook and Instagram.


Northern Territory

By Toursim NT Imagegallery Tourism NT Copyrighted free use via Wikimedia Commons
Kakadu National Park by Toursim NT via Wikimedia Commons

The Northern Territory in Australia is pretty much as far away from everywhere that you can possibly get. I have never made it to Darwin, Uluru or Kakadu National Park despite it being in my own (albeit huge) backyard. In less than a month I finally get to go! I’ll swim in some of the most dangerous waters in the world, hire a 4WD to zip through the desert and jump from epic waterfalls and sleep in a hammock at Uluru! Crystal from Castaway With Crystal. Check out her Twitter.


Antarctica The Travellers Guide By ljojlo

Who wouldn’t want to visit the driest continent on the planet, experience this winter wonderland, even in it’s summer and say they had visited one of the most remote and harsh places in the world? Kayaking around icebergs and with whales, taking photography lessons to highlight its beauty or even camping on the plush snow and ice are experiences of a lifetime. Lauren from The Traveller’s Guide By #ljojlo ♥ Twitter.


Puglia, Italy

We’ve visited the region in the south of Italy a couple of times before, but we want to go again to learn about and taste some of the best food in the world: particularly their home-made produces: olive oil, pasta and wine. We still need to see those fantastic beaches in Puglia too, experiencing the turquoise clean sea. Make sure to check out Gianni and Ivana from Nomad Is Beautiful on Facebook ♥ Twitter.


CROATIA 4 of 22 2

Beaches, waterfalls, beautiful buildings, fresh and delicious seafood and incredibly kind people! Dubrovnik and Split are beautiful cities to explore (especially for Game of Thrones fans!) but for a more authentic Croatian experience head to Zadar. It’s not as overrun by tourists, located by the ocean with historic architecture and offers easy access to some of the country’s top attractions including Krka falls and Plitvice National Park. Zadar is also known for having some of the most incredible sunsets in the world. Find out more from Hannah at  Eat Sleep Breathe Travel on Facebook and Instagram.



The amazing Julian Alps and Triglav National Park are where all sorts of adventures can be searched out and Slovenia has many stunning places such as the amazing Soca River and Vintgar Gorge. Visit the quaint town of Bled and the villages of Bohinj for the most picture perfect examples of glacial lakes! Not to mention the wonderful capital Ljubljana! A bohemian haven with alternative culture and creativity actively encouraged. See the emerald river that runs through its heart and respect the country for taking environmental issues so seriously. Ljubljana village is also one of the friendliest and most welcoming atmospheres anywhere in the world! Catch The Roaming Renegades on Facebook and Instagram.

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Photo courtesy of Travelstache

First stop Marrakech to explore the city, fill up on tagine and hang out with snake charmers! Next, trek into the Sahara Desert for a week or so. Hire a guide and be living amongst the Berber people who have resided in the desert for thousands of years. After drying out in the desert, set off to Taghazout to surf the infamous right-handed waves of the area. Make a quick stop in Fez, followed by a few days in Chefchaouen to get lost in the famous blue city! Say hello to Liz from Moxie & Epoxy on Facebook ♥ You Tube.

Venice, Italy

Even though we’ve been in Venice twice, it’s still our dream destination for 2016. We miss beautiful canals, charming little streets and delicious Italian food. Most people visit Venice only for one day but there’s so much more to see!  Wander around, take photos and go to the beach. Make sure to check out Karolina and Patryk on Facebook and Instagram.


ship 988338 1280

Next month we hit the Balkans. My initial thoughts were tracksuits, fake boobs, and lots of alcohol. Post research of Montenegro – I can’t believe how striking the cream crumbling buildings are and how vast the water is. I plan to visit the winding streets of Kotor, the beaches of Budva and to hike around Durmitor National Park, which looks like a mini Canada! Check out more of Two Scots Abroad on Facebook and Twitter.


We want to return to Ireland to drive the Wild Atlantic Way. This epic 1,700 mile road trip covers rugged natural beauty, Celtic heritage, traditional music and some of the best of Ireland’s small town life. It’s impossible not to have a good time in Ireland and it’s our pick to return to in 2016! Check out Lance and Laura’s long road trips, street art discoveries and sunset shots at Travel Addicts on Facebook and Instagram.


IMG 8109 2 w741

Beautiful, beautiful Georgia is like an old lover that just won’t let you escape. Maybe it’s the mountains. Maybe it’s the raucous, friendly people. Maybe it’s the wine – it’s so good and so cheap, that with Georgia, you can never truly be sober. Maybe it’s the guilty, heart attack inducing food: try the greased up, buttered up, cheesed up, egg filled, boat shaped Khachapuri for your first stroke inducing taste of Georgian cuisine.

Georgia is like a crack dealer throwing out newer and more addictive substances to keep you coming back. From the palm fringed, party filled Black Sea beaches of Batumi, to the rugged mountain passes of Svaneti on the Russian border. There’s even a country which doesn’t exist to visit- the breakaway state of Abkhazia is always worth a visit for a relaxing sun filled, sub tropical beach getaway. And don’t ever forget Tbilisi. The heart of the nation. Where new meets old. A city where waterfalls still flow in the centre. There’s Khachapuri to eat, wine to drink and people to meet! Check out Travel Tramp on Facebook and Twitter.


Mount Everest: Tibet

mount everest 413 1280

There’s so many reasons to travel to Tibet . We’re not mountaineers by any means, but the photos we’ve seen of monasteries, mountains and prayer flags have captured our hearts and imaginations. We look forward to exploring the holy city of Lhasa, as well as traveling out to Yamdrok Lake, one of three most famous holy lakes in Tibet — with the most amazing turquoise water! Then it’s up to the second largest city in Tibet, Shigaste, before making our way to Rongbuk Monastery — at 5,200 meters, it is the highest monastery in the world.  We will then stay in tents nearby (no doubt amazed at the star-filled sky that night), before completing our journey to Tibet Mt Everest Base Camp Trekking! Follow Liz and Josh at Peanuts Or Pretzels on Facebook and Twitter.


I’ll be taking a lovely boat ride along lnle Lake with a stunning view of the sunset, visiting Yangon to check out their local fresh markets and visiting places of worship. The people in Myanmar are very devoted to their religion, especially Buddhism. Check out Lydiascapes on Facebook and Instagram.


Luang Prabang is top of our list! The waterfalls and natural pools there look otherworldly, and we’d love to do some trekking, rent motorbikes and get off the beaten path into nature. Another goal is for us to set up and Stevo to perform in a stand-up comedy show in Vientiane. Check out Jen and Stevo from Two Can Travel on Facebook and Twitter.

Da nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is nestled right at the foot of the Bach Ma National park, a great and wild mountainous region. It’s home to some of the best and most underutilized beaches in all of Vietnam. Along the riverfront, there’s quirky little bars and restaurants, all with a very chill and upscale vibe. Closer to the beach, the dominate culture is surfing and reggae: the perfect place to finally learn how to surf! Read more from The Opportunistic Travelers on Pinterest.

South Korea

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Seoul lived up to everything I could have imagined South Korea to be like and with such a short trip I was only able to touch the tip of the surface. I need to go back! From the tasty Korean BBQ, wild nightlife, stunning mountains and how warm and interesting Korean culture, South Korea has so much to offer and explore: this is what excites me the most, the sense of discovery that lurks around every corner! Check out Travel Dave on Facebook and Twitter.

Hong Kong

Make sure to take photos of the amazing harbour and skyline, wander around the local markets and eat delicious food. I want to go back to take the tram up to Victoria Peak and explore more of the city outside Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Alouise from Take Me To The WorldFacebook ♥ Instagram.


This 2016, get off the beaten path in China! Explore Beijing’s hutong alleyway neighborhoods, discovering hidden bars, restaurants and cafes. Stuff your face with fiery hot pot in Chongqing. Sip tea and watch baby pandas frolic in Chengdu. Hike the Zhangjiajie “Avatar Mountains” or the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Have a look at the largest mosque in China and the Caucasian mummies in Xinjiang! Find out more from Richelle at Adventures Around Asia on Facebook and Instagram.


lake 999536 1280

Pakistan, a land of towering peaks and mysterious mountains, of holy forests and bearded men! With 5 of the world’s 14 highest peaks, including the deadly K2, Pakistan seems to scrape the heavens themselves. Crazy traffic, tasty food, crumbling forts and some of the world’s friendliest people come together to provide a truly unique experience. With glacial trekking, the historical silk road, untapped white water rafting and plenty of AK47s, Pakistan is a country bound to keep you entertained. Find out more from Will at The Broke Backpacker on Facebook and Twitter.


Sarawak has several food festivals throughout the year and with the plight of orangutans becoming more and more critical, volunteering at the Semonggok Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Sarawak or the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Northern Sabah is something I’m very keen to do. Check out Vanessa from The Island Drum on Twitter and Facebook.

Komodo Island

Known mainly for its underwater world, I already see myself diving through a paradise, surrounded by turtles and colourful coral. Maybe a cute shark will come by while the giant shadows of Manta Rays surround me. I’ll hike mountains and look for dragons, sing songs by the bonfire with my friends and go skinny dipping under the stars! Check out Sarah at Journey To Design on Facebook and Twitter.


Incredible scenery, diverse culture, inherent friendliness and an estimated 17,000 islands to explore! I recommend exploring the temples and volcano’s of Java, experiencing the spectacular beauty of Bali, not forgetting the parties… then venturing further afield into the lesser travelled areas of Sumatra (home to wild Orangutans) and Sulawesi (think deserted paradise islands)! Follow The Life Of Jord on You Tube and Facebook.


Flights from Australia to Japan have been ridiculously cheap lately and we have 10 days to explore with our kids! The best times to visit are during the cherry blossom season (April and May) and in Autumn (October and November) but these is also the most expensive times! Fly into Osaka, visit Universal Studios for Harry Potter world, then head down to Hiroshima for a day trip to visit all the museums and memorials. Have a night in Kyoto to go Geisha spotting, then go shrine hopping during the day! Next Tokyo for 3 nights! Stay in Shinjuku which is the best place for tourists. Tokyo is such a big city and I think we will only have time to properly explore Shinjuku. We will take the kids to Disneyland or DisneySea! Find out more from Our 3 Kids V The World


I knew Bhutan was for me after reading of their fiercely protected culture and passionate dedication to preserving their environment. The kicker was hearing about how they charge nearly $200/day to tourists. They must be hiding something very special behind those borders. The more exotic and challenging the destination, the greater my desire is to experience it. For me travel isn’t about relaxing on a beach resort, travel is adventure and stepping out of my comfort zone.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is a monetary measure of how well a country is doing economically in comparison to other countries. Bhutan doesn’t play by those rules, instead they’ve created GNH (Gross National Happiness). GNH is now the focus of the government! Also, The Himalayas are without a doubt the most ridiculously beautiful mountains and natural wonders of the world! Follow Scott at Travelstache on Facebook and Twitter.



Safari In Kenya And Tanzania

I spent five years working and living in Africa. Last New Year’s Eve I went to Namibia and remembered why I fell in love with this large continent. This summer, I’m making a lifelong dream come true to see the Great Migration from Serengeti to Masai Mara. We will be staying in luxury mobile tents with one of Shackelton and Selous’ founding partners, Howard, who lives in the Mara with his wife; who has a PHD on spotted hyena in the Mara. To top it all off, I will be spending three additional days at the famous Manta Resort including a night at the world’s only underwater room in the middle of the Indian Ocean. How cool is that? Find out more about Mar at Once In A Lifetime Journey on Facebook and Twitter.

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What are your unmissable vacation spots?

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