How to Survive Your First Solo Camping Alone Trip

Camping alone camping trip

A camping trip is one of the best ways to escape the monotonousness of daily life and reconnect with Mother Nature. But, sometimes planning a camping trip with others turns out to be more nerve-racking than it’s worth. You’ll be trying to come up with a schedule that will work for everyone and ensuring that everyone brings the appropriate gear. You’ll have to decide what the right meals for everyone are, and arrange ride-shares. These are just a few things that could end up spoiling the fun. Why not go camping alone?

How to Stay Fit While Traveling (Mentally and Physically)!

Self Love Exercises

Are you feeling overwhelmed on how to maintain fitness on the road? I’ve been travelling for nearly 8 years now. Travel is unpredictable and that’s why I absolutely love it. One day I’m hiking through the jungle. The next, I’m revving my moped along the coast! And then…I could be lying on a beach soaking up the sun and doing umm…nothing. But while all this variation is great for broadening the mind, unfortunately travel can often have the same effect on your waistline. Eek!

What A Trickster! Travel Scams In Asia


You’ve landed! You’re ready! You’re gonna travel like a boss and get knee deep into the culture woohoo! By all means, jump into everything you can and hang with the locals but whoa there buddy: some people have got some nasty tricks up their sleeve. Ever since falling for the milk scam in Cambodia, I asked the experienced travellers out there to share their Travel Scams in Asia stories and oh boy do we have a few! Sit back, become a little wiser and run a mile if you start to sniff any of these out!