What’s inside this abandoned island mansion?

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You’re racing along the water, holding onto the wooden sides of the boat as the waves throw you back and forth. The wind runs its slick fingers through your hair and the sun throws its glorious rays down upon you. Everything feels amazing. You’re high on the undeniable beauty of Palawan and cannot wait to hop off onto your next island as you sail through El Nido’s infamous Tour C. Slowly your next destination emerges…What adventures await you here?

Should I Give Money To Beggars Whilst Travelling?

Should I give money to beggars?

13 years old. Wide-eyed, totally confused about my inner self and drenched in the blackest of the blackest goth attire because, hey, it’s the year 2000 and nu-metal has completely engulfed me. Stomping forwards in my ruby-red cracked DMs with no real grace through the streets of London, Brixton, I’ve just pulled myself out of the darkest, sweat-inducing, beer-flowing walls of the Academy. I’m high on the electrifying riffs of Slipknot and dizzy from all of the thrashing and mayhem. I charge like a baby rhino towards the tube to return home, because my parents have warned me, people ‘are going to rob me for every penny’ here. Head down, ploughing through, ascending the concrete station steps, nearly there then…

The secret sunset in El Nido Philippines

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Are you looking for the best secret sunset in El Nido Philippines? Sunsets should be for free but in El Nido, drivers will try and entice you to take a ride with them and see the ‘most beautiful’ sunset at a place called ‘Las Cabanas’. Trust me, you don’t need to go there. Right around the corner is one the most soul fulfilling, emotionally charged, romantically sweet sunsets that you need in your life and I’m gonna tell you where it is and why it rocks.

Avoid The Baby Milk Scam In Siem Reap Cambodia

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Sometimes, Teacake gets scammed. It’s only happened twice in 5 years luckily but it can happen nonetheless, no matter how much you think you have travelling sussed out. One scam I fell for is in Siem Reap in Cambodia. This was back in 2013 but a quick google search proves that it’s going just as strong now! Goddamit! Avoid the Baby Milk Scam in Siem Reap Cambodia!

Never teach English in Vietnam like this

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Should you teach English in Vietnam? As I said for Korea and Thailand, the answer is yes(!) but first check out my overall guide to teaching English abroad to fund your travels. There are lots of tips and advice in there which will really help you. Vietnam is awesome for teaching but I personally did everything wrong when I worked here and I learnt the hard way. Read on to avoid the same mistakes.

What’s that in my soup?!

Teacake prides herself on being able to eat pretty much anything. You want me to eat that snail? No problem. Want me to eat that chicken’s heart? No problem. Want to chop up an octopus alive, swish it in oil and feed it to me? No problem. However, sometimes I’m faced with the reality of what I’m actually eating and then…well…I don’t feel too good.

Mind blowing Wreck Diving in Coron Philippines

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Back in Shanghai in January I met a very charming French man, who told me about a magical place where I could dive deep into the depths of the sea and explore not one or two but eleven(!) different Japanese ship wrecks, all in one place. He told me fantastical stories of gliding through old kitchens, glitzy ballrooms, passing by monumentally big machine guns and even seeing an unfortunate human’s skull down there on one of his visits (might be true…might just have been his French flair) but regardless, I naturally packed my bags and went.

4 invaluable life lessons diving teaches you

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Diving is your incalculable key to a life-altering alien dimension. To think of all those times I slowly sunk myself into its golden grains on land yet never entered, swam atop its borders of paradise without even trying to prize the door open or simply just catapulted myself across it at lightning speed travelling from A to B. What a waste. The sea holds the power to grow the grateful, open-hearted, love-filled creature within yourself. Here are the 4 invaluable life lessons diving taught me…